How Much for Coaching?

Helene Lena Edelgarde/ January 14, 2021/ Coaching

How much for coaching? If you are a coach yourself, how much should you charge for your coaching services? A complete guide to understand coaching prices.

The Coaching Industry overview

Life Coaching, Executive Coaching or Fitness Coaches have different specialties and prices. Some operate within a corporate environment, while others provide services remotely. At Ohma Digital, we thought it was about time to create an overview of how much it should cost and the value you are getting from it.

The Ultimate industry guide made for you

Professionals coaching experts have also a hard time positioning themselves freshly graduated. The amount of information is overwhelming for both clients and industry experts.

The ultimate coaching prices guide for coachs, professionals and individuals

We build the ultimate coaching industry guide for:

Individuals, Corporate Executives and Company Key Stakeholders who need to gather intelligence about Coaching prices.

Coaching Industry Experts or soon to be coaches who need the information to position themselves in their market.

The value of the work done by the Coach

Coaching is a people-oriented position. It is an excellent addition to managerial positions as much as industry experts who interact with people in their day to day activities.

Becoming a coach is a career choice often done at a later stage in life. Most coaches have existing expertise they can use for their clients. But being a coach is much more. It is a field of trust, empowerment, and personal growth. 

How much for a Coaching? : The value of the work done by the Coach

Coaching adds a far greater value to the customer life or career. Coaches trigger long-term and high impact changes that have lifelong benefits. When you pair up with the right partner for success, the value you get from the coaching run far beyond the initial monetary value you paid in the first place.

Professionals from the industry choose to specialize in the area, the style they are most comfortable with, and the other field experience they already have. You understand now why prices may vary regarding the coaching service you need. An executive coach is often more expensive than a fitness or diet coach. 

Coaching Criteria to consider when Choosing a Coach:

What are the three most essential criteria to consider for a coach or a client when looking for coaching prices?

Sharing, Giving and Empowering others. Most coaches are good at helping others, and they have been doing it for free as part of their personal or professional life far before they became experts. When coaches have to position themselves with prices, their values are the first challenge they face. Some have a hard time realizing that helping others to grow is a real talent and monetize it.

Trust. Generating personal or professional growth requires trust between both parts of the relationship. For some people, the trusting relationship established during coaching may lead to a greater difficulty to ask for money. Both the Coach and the client have to keep in mind that the exchange of money for a service has little to do with the trust between two partners. It is an essential part of the transaction; nonetheless, it shouldn’t challenge the bond between both. Knowing prices much ahead of the coaching session can help. Asking your coach how much you will pay before starting coaching will wonder if you feel uncomfortable.

The Value. As humans, we choose money as a form to value the products and services we acquire. We use the money to make transactions possible between us and businesses, brands and people. When you are using money to pay for a coaching service, you are saying thank you for the value you are getting in exchange. When looking for coaching, or to position yourself as a coach, it is, therefore, essential to be aware of the value you add to your life or the life of others. When you look at the benefits you get from coaching, you can evaluate what budget you are ready to allocate for your life. 

I am a customer; how much should I pay?

Coaching prices can vary depending on the coach-specific expertise and the location. An executive coach in a capital city will be more expensive than a life coach in a less populated area. Online sessions are rising, and they are a great option if you are evaluating different budgets options. 

How much for a Coaching: I am a customer; how much should I pay?

How much is a session with a Life coach? A life coaching will cost you between €100 to €300 per session. 

How much is a session with a Career or Executive Coach? An executive or career coach will start around €150 and can go over €1,000 per session. 

A Fitness Coach will charge between €35 to €85 per session. 

• Fitness Coach: €35 to €85

• Life Coaching: €100 to €300

• Executive Coaching: €150 to €1,000+

Keep in mind that most coaches are professional that build a customer base mostly with recommendations from previous clients.

The main goal of a great coach is to get you up to success fast. A coaching intervention remains short term. A coach with a higher price could be what you need if you are results-oriented. 

How much for a Coaching with Ohma Digital?

At Ohma Digital, all our coachings are delivered by industry experts with significant complementary experiences. The starting price for coaching is €150. 

We insist on scheduling you a free consultation before any session. It is essential for us to team you up with the right person. During the consultation, we evaluate the work to be done together, how long it will take approximately and which of our coach experts will be the best fit for you. Then we are in the best position to give you a quote.

How much for a Coaching with Ohma Digital?

You can read more about the services we offer here: Ohma Digital.

Coaching, Prices and How to Choose the Right Coach?

As a customer, it is your responsibility to ensure that the professional you choose will deliver the level of quality you want. 

There are few regulations worldwide in the coaching field. We acknowledge that our Americans and Canadians colleagues have a much mature market than we can experience in Europe for now. 

Coaching, Prices and How to Choose the Right Coach?

What you need to know when looking for a coach: 

ICF Guaranteed: In the field, ICF, the International Coaching Federation is the only organization that established the norms, values, and standards for coaching worldwide. ICF does not provide direct training, but they validate training centres programs such as the International Institute of Geneva. When choosing a coaching professional, ensuring that your partner has graduated from an institution whose program is certified by ICF is a strong guarantee.

Field Expert: The selected coach has a strong understanding or experience in your industry or position to help you reach your goals. If you need help for a career change or level up your leadership, a Fitness Coach is not the best-suited candidate for your need.

Word of Mouth: Many coaches get new customers by recommendations from previous clients. Most of individual businesses clientele rely on word of mouth. Do you need a coach? Ask around you.

I am a Coach, how much should I charge ?

When it comes to fixing your prices as a coach, you understand and present the value you offer to your clientele. We must normalize the price/cost question in a relationship between a coach and a client. Significant preparation is better to discuss your prices, and this is how you can do it: 

When it comes to Prices, Show the Value

Coaching professional are no sales representatives; however, when you work for yourself, you bear many responsibilities and presenting yourself is one of them. Great sales are the ones that prepare well. A powerful preparation is to put yourself in your customer shoes. Understand what he needs to know what he is buying. When someone is questioning your prices or packages, they sincerely want to understand what is in for them. Every time someone is asking you the price question, answer with the value you bring. 

What is a coaching Package?

Most coaching experts have hourly rates. Pricing in coaching is the individual expert decision. 

Bundle offers do wonders because they make it easier for some customers and coaches to visualize the complete performance’s total cost. Experts can present their prices by packages of three to five sessions, increasing the prices’ clarity.

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