3 Powerful Tactics to Get More Followers on Instagram

Helene Lena Edelgarde/ January 17, 2021/ SOCIAL MEDIA

How to Get More Followers on Instagram: What Can I expect from this Article?

Social Media Platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Pinterest has become extremely important for individual brands, entrepreneurs, artists, and creative people, or businesses. 

When we engage with our prospects and customers, one of the most widespread concerns regarding social networks is understanding how they can grow into a powerful audience on Instagram. We’ve decided to address this question using actionable content to help you get more followers on Instagram.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram: What Can I expect from this Article?


How to Get More Followers on Instagram: For Who?

We created this article to help you get more followers and, connect with your audience on Instagram. Once you get there, you can learn about transforming them into brand ambassadors and generating leads. 

“At the moment, I’m a bit quiet on Instagram as I do not have any new content ready. Creating content gets me anxious as I compare myself to the other accounts I follow.” Cassie, Influencer on Instagram

How to Get More Followers on Instagram: For Who?

This article is best suited to:

  • Individuals looking to build an audience for themselves to share content about their products or services on Instagram.
  • Self-Employed people or Solo-Entrepreneurs seeking to learn more on technics about Instagram to promote and connect with their audience and, generate leads.
  • B2B and B2C Business Owners and Stakeholders looking to improve their practices and to grow a powerful Instagram Followers base. 

Why Followers are Essential to your Business on Instagram? 

Why Followers are Essential to your Business on Instagram?

Global reach

Social Media platforms are free to use, which makes them accessible for any size of businesses. For instance, Instagram is a powerful tool to generate brand awareness and gather a community around your audience issues. This gives you a global reach and fantastic possibilities to test your content to various bases and potentially generate customer leads.


Instagram and other social media platforms allow you to promote your content. Qualitative content is essential on visual platforms such as Instagram, but this is only a small part of the work needed to gain more followers. Promoting content is a crucial part of social media growth, maybe the most essential part of it. Engaging with your followers is the basis of a service or product promotion. 

Make Friends

If you are in business, it means you are looking to generate brand awareness, build an audience, and ultimately generate sales directly on social media or on your website, or physical point of sales. If you are not engaging with your audience on social media, you are not doing business. You are merely looking for a space to push your content and seek validation, which is not working. Social Platforms are social, making them a place for your brand to make friends and have fun and meaningful conversations with people who agree or disagree with you.

How to Get More Followers: What Parameters does Instagram use?

How to Get More Followers: What Parameters does Instagram use?

“How do people push past their typical number of likes, what draws people to like a post? What parameters Instagram uses to generate more organic engagement?” Rafael, Small Business Owner

When you are looking to the parameters that Instagram uses to bring your content upfront, it gives you a strong indicator of the algorithm’s primary goal. 

Social Media: What is Instagram Mission?

Instagram is a Social Media. These two words are equally important in the definition of the digital platform: 

  • Media: plural of medium. A communication channel to diffuse information under different formats such as images, videos, text, infographics. The information diffused can have various intentions such as promotional, informational, or entertaining an audience. 
  • Social: relates to the human need of community and to relate to each other. Human beings share the need to interact with other individuals and seek companionship. Simply put, being social means making friends.

Instagram is a social media platform. Instagram’s main goal is to generate interactions between users. This is because Instagram earns money in selling advertising to various individuals or businesses. Most Instagram clients pay to promote their content, to generate engagements, views, and now save. An active user has a higher value for Instagram than an inactive user. 

In other words, Instagram valorises mostly active users because they are more likely to generate reactions and interactions on the platform, and this is the core business of the application. 

If you want to be visible on Instagram, and get more followers, put yourself in line with Instagram’s objectives. It is the very first step to generating an active follower base.

The 3 Powerful Tactics to Get More Followers on Instagram

The 3 Powerful Tactics to Get More Followers on Instagram

Get more followers with regularity and social interactions

So, you can get more followers with regularity and generating interactions, and it’s that easy, right? Yes, it is. 

The secret formula in growing a follower base on Instagram is to apply three simple tactics that most of you already know or have heard of before. There is nothing very complicated in succeeding with social media. It is all about maintaining a consistent stream of qualitative content, having a regular schedule and regularity while gathering industry or audience intelligence, sharing other people’s contributions, and engaging with relevant influencers, people, and accounts. Social Media seems very accessible because they are free of access. When done well, a social media manager’s work seems effortless. However, most professional influencers cooperate with a whole team of contributors. 

“The best content doesn’t win. The best-promoted content wins. The biggest part of the job is still in front of you. Getting the content in front of your audience. The best article will fail if it’s not promoted. Research shows that most of this content will not achieve any real business results, or at least not get any traction in social media or search rankings.” Andy Crestodina – Content Chemistry

This is where social media agencies experts like the fantastic team at Ohma Digital helps business owners and individual entrepreneurs. Ohma Digital supports its clients with social media content creation, distribution, and promotion so they can focus on doing business. 

Your Content: Be a Media For Yourself

The first rule of every great media is the quality and pertinence of its content. To get there, you can do a little research on the people you are willing to reach with your content. By checking on what content your audience like, save and engage, you will have prominent insights on the type of content, the quality and the formats, they expect you to deliver. 

Traditional media contributors such as journalists or professional photographers have learned to do that, and it has become second nature to them. They understand and adapt to speak to their audience about what interests them. 

When you set yourself as a media, either make you the main subject as many influencers do or your products, beliefs, and services. You write to an audience. The earlier you understand and know about it, the easier it becomes to gain followers consistently. 

Keep in mind that social media followers are flooded with content. When they are active, they also are exigent with the accounts they follow. When you put your content out there, you share the space with brands and influencers with the same audience. And, we will learn in the next section how to identify and partner with them to help you to grow a steady followed base.

Other People Content: Be a Media for Others

As we stated earlier, appreciating, and sharing other accounts’ content is essential for sufficient social media growth. Instagram is a social application that you are using to display your brand. 

When you become a media for others, you increase the likeability to keep your followers interacting and generate engagement.

Other People Content: Be a Media for Others

When you have done your homework, you know who’s your audience is following. It can only take a couple of hours to identify your colleagues that share content similar to you on the platform. They often operate in the same physical environment as you do. As you share similar followers, Instagram helps you by suggesting users follow your account.

Make the Algorithm Happy: Be Social

Sharing your content is not enough to grow an Instagram account and generate engagement. If you want to get out of the crowd, you must make the algorithm happy. Instagram algorithm valorises user interactions or engagements. Instagram is a social media, which means that the algorithm put in front the accounts that demonstrate the higher engagements. 

Where to start? Be social. 

Interact with other accounts, make friends. It is what social media is there for. By doing so, you indicate to the Instagram algorithm that your account is an active one. As usual, while quantity has its importance, quality is essential too. The best Instagram accounts have often spent the time identifying and cultivating both their account feed visually, their followers, and other accounts they interact with regularly.

Social Media are fast and unpredictable. Your Instagram followers will grow if you engage with them regularly. This is why smart influencers apply a daily social media routine. 

Given the amount of content shared on the platform, most of the interactions happen in the next hours of sharing a piece of content. Collaborative content built with colleagues has a higher percentage of reach. 

How to Get More Followers on Instagram: Final Note

Regularity pays off. 

It’s not complicated, but the difficulty of consistency as stipulated previously is to manage the absence of high-level returns for quite a long time. The best way to create breakthrough, sincere engagement is to multiply the opportunities. Too many people are trying this technic once or twice before giving up due to lack of results. You have to keep your expectations in check. Sometimes you will share someone else content, but they will barely notice you or even answer you. 

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