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What is great digital content?
What is great digital content?

In the world of marketing, where the competition is fierce, digital content is one of the essential pillars for businesses’ success. Do you know what differentiates any company from a good business? Presentation! Think about some of the major brands around you – from clothing to perfume to food industries, – what makes them stand out? The consistent image that is well-groomed and confident helps with brand awareness.

What is great digital content?
What is great digital content? – Content Table

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What is digital content?

Anything surrounding the brand in terms of digital data, which educates about the company and carries its message, is considered digital content. Text, graphics, photographs, audios, videos, etc., are digital content. Without the content (which is a trendy term these days), the company cannot survive in the digital space.

What is digital content?

Why do I need a digital presence?

In our days, when businesses compete for the customers, it is hard to imagine a company that does not rely on digital resources to build brand awareness and strong relationships with the customer. For a strong brand strategy, a good product or service is simply not enough.

Why do I need a digital presence?

A potential client has to learn about it first, then be convinced to try it, but what is most important, is loyalty that comes after the initial trial. Digital world helps with all this: from reaching out to your dream customer to building a relationship that will live for years and thus giving longevity to your brand.

What do I need to do?

Before you jump into creating great digital content, you first need to decide what content you need. For some brands, audio podcasts work best. For others, it is visual content that gets the result and brings profit.

Great Digital Content - What do I need to do?

Ask yourself, where your customers could be, what they would like, and what would attract them to your business. A simple exercise would be creating your buyer’s persona (or a few!). Consider this: if you have created a new beard oil, you are likely to attract a particular group of people.

If you are a great piano teacher, your audience might be different. You need to know who you are doing your best for, who will be that person that will fall in love with your product from the first time they lay their eye on it. See our list of questions to ask yourself when doing this exercise at the end of this article.

What is great digital content?

Great digital content should be informative and relevant to your business. Your content should educate about what your business is, explain why the product or service is right for your customer, add credibility and build a loyal community. Any questions that your customers may have are also an excellent place to start for producing content.

What is great digital content?

Great digital content is consistent in quality, easy to understand, eye-grabbing, and engaging; it will reach your audience and will drive them to the sales. It has to represent the quality of your product or service. You know it is excellent, now it’s time to show that to your customers. The excellent quality presentation shows that you take your own company seriously.

Let’s walk through different types of content and see how you can improve it.


If you have decided that educational writing would carry your message the best, it is important to do your research and make sure that you are addressing relevant topics and adding value for your customer. Your ideas have to be well-delivered, clear, with the right terminology. Search engines will be looking for the keywords, so use tools that help you find the right vocabulary and help with your SEO.


With amazing tools we have at our fingertips nowadays, it is easy to produce video content for various platforms. Videos are great for delivering your messages fast, building a great partnership with your customers, give your audience an insight into your company’s life and well-being. Things to consider is that videos have to be shot for your social media platforms (vertical is preferred) and with subtitles, in case a person cannot watch them with sound on.


Who doesn’t have a camera in their pocket these days? Good images are engaging and can drive your sales up, inform your customers about your product/service, reach out to potential buyers. If you don’t have good pictures, consider using stock photography.


This is another way to convey your message in style. Graphics have to be clear, engaging, and relevant to your brand. With so many great tools online, it is easy to create exciting content!


This is an excellent way to reach your audience when they don’t have access to visuals: while exercising, running errands, driving, etc. Make sure your delivery is clear and exciting and will keep them coming for more!

Just as your new product is great, why would you expect anything less from its presentation in the digital medium? Be excellent in everything, and your audience will grow!

Here at OHMA digital, we offer a full range of services for your growing business, from coaching and helping you grow to producing digital content and presenting it online the right way. We are a team of professionals with years of experience in the digital media market, expertise in SEO, social media platforms and advertising. We would be happy to hear from you when managing your business online gets too overwhelming.

Buyer’s Persona Exercise: Define your Audience.

When considering how to start doing digital marketing, it is crucial to understand your audience. Ask these questions to understand who is most likely to buy your product or service, and that way, you will know precisely how to present your business to them.

Download your free PDF that will help you understand your audience.

Buyer's Persona Exercise: Define your Audience
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