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Helene Lena Edelgarde/ February 11, 2021/ SEO

What is SEO and how it works? Every website wants to be the top 1 search result on its market. Learn how it can help you achieve your results.

What is SEO and how it works?
What is SEO and how it works?

At Ohma Digital, we love statistics; we thought you might like to know that the top 3 ranking websites on Google search results get 75% of the traffic. Of course, every website wants to be top 1 result on their market. How to get there? SEO is your answer.

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What is SEO? 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the total effort and processes that help a website gain visibility online via search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. 

Nowadays, Google is the number one search engine on the market, with more than 90% internet users. Online visibility and SEO strategy are top of mind for many because it drives business results. 

Optimizing your website on search engine demand a qualitative, well organized, and knowledgeable SEO approach that requires perseverance and regular effort to achieve results.

Why do I need an SEO Strategy?

When people seek a service or product using a search engine like Google, they will visit the most visible website. With a great strategy, your website will appear for the products, services, and values you want to connect with your audience. It gives your website a greater chance to address the right person with what you have to offer.  

Why do I need a Strategy?

A great way to help any client website build authority over time always starts with a well-defined and actionable plan. A Search Engine Optimization strategy defines areas where the website reputation needs improvement and focuses our efforts on results.

How long does SEO take to see results?

It takes time. It is not a quick in, quick out experience. You can expect 3 to 6 months of ongoing work minimum before seeing a change in ranking results for your website. When it comes to SEO Strategy, trust is essential to build a successful partnership with your chosen agency. 

How long does it take to see results?

You can generate quick results with an audit and technical SEO if your website needs some bugs fixing. However, the two most time-consuming technics are the most rewarding in the long run. Content and Off-Page or link-Building technics requires a deep understanding of the industry and the audience you address by your trusted partner.

Paid Search has direct results, but they will last as long as you pay for it. When the money stops flowing, you lose the effects of your paid efforts. SEO benefits your website by generating results that tend to last years after actions were taken.

SEO and Paid can works hand in hand to generate awareness for a brand. Both are useful, and they have very different purposes. Paid Search is an excellent option to boost your visibility on a specific product, service or website page. SEO works best when you are looking to rank organically for the long term.

The Four Aspects of SEO

  • Technical
  • Content Optimization for Search Engines
  • On-Page
  • Off-Page
The Four Aspects of SEO
The Four Aspects of SEO


First, we always start with the Technical part of SEO for any of our clients. Search engines want to display websites to their users without technical issues. Slow loading pages, broken links or your website speed impact your ranking results negatively. We both check on mobile and desktop devices. We run this check regularly to watch out for potential new bugs and ensure your website’s findability and readability by the search engines. 

What is SEO: Technical SEO

A well-rounded Technical SEO ensures that the website runs properly without technical issues, including the website structure. Search engines pay attention to how it is easy for users to navigate your website, so we spend time on your content pages’ hierarchy. 

Content Optimisation for Search Engines

When we discuss Content SEO with our clients, the website audience is always at the center of the strategy we build together. Great content starts with matching your web pages with your company mission and values. Understanding your audience is the very first step to approach Content.

If you are up to create creative and unique content, we’ve published this article about Great Digital Content. Check it out. 

Content Optimization for Search Engines

Content Optimization doesn’t limit itself to prospects and customers; it does also include an in-depth analysis of the topics and keywords the website is built around. Additionally, gaining positioning with engaging content such as reviews and blog posts are an integral part of a successful content strategy.  

What works well to help a website to rank organically? 

Blogs posts are a must-have. Videos are a great addition to service or product pages. Infographics do wonders to simplify complex concepts and makes your website page rank high on visual Content. Podcasts, Whitepapers and Ebooks display free actionable Content that helps your website gain visibility generating links from external sources. 

In short, when it comes to SEO, the more you contribute to your industry, the better it will be for your website visibility. On-Page SEO


On-Page focus on the Content on the client’s website. At stake here is to organize a website that is easy for users to navigate using a call to actions, a structured content and an internal linking strategy—moreover, On-Page focus on defining descriptive URLs, easy loading images and meta description. 


On-Page is slightly different from Technical. We are talking about keywords, the user experience of the pages and the overall website ease of use. We ensure each page of your website respond to a unique purpose and is optimized to rank best for that intent.

We check headings, title tags, text length, internal linking, relevant words, short and long-tail keywords and so on.

Off- Page

Off-Page implies mostly link building. Link building is the most challenging part of any strategy due to the many criteria to consider. Its is also by far one of the most interesting by the nature itself of the process. It would be best if you had a specific strategy to generate qualitative and relevant backlinks to a website or blog content. 

Off- Page

Ranking Top on Google search requires to build authority for your website. Links to different pages of your website are essential to developing strong, long-lasting rankings. Off-Page SEO is the hardest part of SEO to a manager. Links must be from qualitative resources to impact your website visibility positively. 

Your website authority ranks from a range 0 to 100. The most website starts around 30 or lower, and the website with the highest authority ranks around 60 to 80. Low-quality links have a lesser impact on your website overall management, and you will need a bunch of them to see your ranking moving. On the other hand, from a website with greater authority, higher-quality links are harder to get. 

Not all the links have the same value. A link from Facebook from instance will have a minimal impact on your website authority because they are legion. Link building tactics work best when content is relevant and qualitative. Having something to be linked to makes it easier to connect. The best SEO comes naturally overtime with constant dedicated work. 

What does a well-rounded Off-Page SEO strategy look likes? 

  • It starts with linkable unique qualitative content on your website
  • Develop these topics: extend or repurpose
  • Publish regularly
  • Seek Link-Building opportunities

At Ohma, we create Off-Page SEO strategies that match our client’s target audience. We add value to their website, and we love it! Reach out!

Ohma Digital Contact - What is SEO
Ohma Digital Contact – What is SEO
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