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Helene Lena Edelgarde/ March 5, 2021/ SEO

Building qualitative links to your webpages is a must-have when it comes to setting up a robust SEO strategy. Building links come as a part of the Off-Page SEO. If you want to learn more about the Four aspects of a great SEO strategy, read this article: What is SEO?

If you jump by to get the free template and start straightway to generate attraction for your site, download the Seo Backlinking Template by Ohma Digital. 

To use this free template, once you open it, select File/Make a Copy or File/Download xls to use it the way that works best for yourself and your business.

How to use a Roundup

Link Roundup is content published daily, weekly, or monthly from websites with a relevant authority for the client’s webpages: they curate content and attach to external qualitative articles. 

Roundups are highly competitive to reach for as they are often built for the sole purpose to connect to other sites. There are two strategies for these specific webpages. Text, video or images are produced either in asking a couple of open questions to a limited number of experts, gathering in-depth analysis of their insights, or assembling numerous experts’ contributions to a single question.

How to Find them?

Roundup is generated regularly for the industry you target. The most effective way to find them is to run regular checks on your chosen keyword + a regularly used roundup content for your target, such as “best of” “this week” “year” “month.”

Your keyword has to be within your niche market. Suppose you need help to figure out what your niche market could be. In that case, we dedicate a full article to the topic: How to use Ikigai to Find your Niche and Succeed to position yourself or your business in a competitive marketplace with a 4 Steps Proven Method.

Keywords within your niche help you to narrow down to a couple of topics you can check regularly. 

Example of roundups:

“digital marketing” + “roundup”

“best of” + “Instagram”

“2021” + “Black and White Photography”.

‘November” + “Recipes”

What’s Next?

A great link roundup strategy aims to set up an on-going activity to find link roundup in the client industry and reach out to create meaningful interactions with the author.

Once you have identified roundup, you could benefit from both sides of building links; your goal is to reach out to the author and offer your content for the next roundup. Keep in mind that you will drive better results when done respectfully and not being pushy. The greater the authority of the site you target, the higher chances it gets to be contacted at any minute.

Building links with broken links is a technic that is both simple and highly rewarding in SEO. 

Broken links harm website findability on search engines. When Google bots crawl your site, they will rate negatively if you direct to a resource that no longer exists. 

Bloggers and news websites tend to have multiple broken links; they do not have the time to update regularly. Indeed, article authors often use external resources that periodically change their names, accounts, and associated URLs. 

How to Find them?

Technical SEO audits reveal the number of broken links you have on a given website. The situation can happen when the source your link to is no longer available or the URL was updated.

The Site Crawl option available on Moz Pro or On-Demand Crawl are excellent tools to analyze broken links on your webpages. The Moz tool On-Demand Crawl limits to 3,000 pages and is better suited to small businesses. If your website is an e-commerce website or a large one with numerous pages to analyze, Site Crawl is the tool you need. 

If you are up to a free tool, Broken Link Checker deliver good results.  

What’s Next?

When you find a broken link, you add value to the website by offering a replacement with your resource. The more you seek broken links closer to your niche, the better the results. 

Evaluate the website authority before taking action. In building links, orientating your search toward a site that ranks on the same level or higher than your website. The higher the website authority, the more difficult it will be for you to get in touch with the website’s team. 

A website authority ranks from a range 0 to 100. Most starts around 30 or lower, and those with the highest visibility ranks around 60 to 80. Low-quality links have a lesser impact, and you could need many of them to see your ranking moving.

Links to different pages of your website are essential to developing strong, long-lasting rankings. Off-Page SEO is the hardest part of SEO to handle as a manager. Links need to be from qualitative resources to impact your visibility positively. 

Social Media

Building links from social media accounts is easy to get and generates numerous references for your domain. However, while Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest’s authority are high because they gather multiple pages, texts, and visuals, each page’s gain is limited. 

When you are using social media for another purpose than solely building link, integrating to your strategy a redirecting to your website best or latest content make sense and add value over time to your rankings.

Not all the links have the same value. A link from Facebook, for instance, will have a minimal impact on your website authority because the platform generates a lot of them. Link building tactics work best when content is relevant and qualitative. Having something to be linked to makes it easier to connect. The best SEO comes naturally overtime with constant dedicated work. 

Business Listings

When it comes to Off-Page SEO, building links with business listings is a must-have if relevant for your industry. What is a business listing? They are business-related directories. You can find them usually within your sector; they organize businesses by name, niche, location, activity or even size. 

Business listing is easily found by reaching with the chamber of commerce of your city. When you are building links, you ought to think as a networker. Building links is a win-win relationship between two sites that share common interests.

Geo-Targeted Directories

Geo-Targeted directories are easier to find, and you will need a couple of clicks to isolate the most relevant ones for your activity. Golden Pages is free and a must-have for many SEO specialists. Geo-targeted directories have a strong authority and often the cornerstone of any backlinking strategy. Many of them offer paid options, but you can opt for the free ones as a starting point.

Any SEO strategy requires you to put time and resources into it. Whether you decide to deal with it in-house or to team up with an agency like Ohma Digital, results will take some time to be visible. It is usually between 3-6 months of consistent work before seeing the change in rankings. 

Niche Relevant

Niche Relevant website don’t need to be legion. A great list of 10 to 20 domain can be enough if you work with discipline and consistency. 

Reporters and Journalist Sources

When building a link, reporters and journalists are great people to be in touch with. They often receive a massive amount of emails, so be patient and make it easy for them to connect to your content. 


Universities and .edu websites have great authority. They link articles that are useful for their students. Getting a university to direct to one of your content could make a massive difference in your ranking. Building links is more about quality rather than quantity when it comes to these types of sources.

Outdated Resources

Resources that are out branded, recently renamed or business that has closed are outdated resources. If you find webpages that link to ancient resources, you position yourself with a replacement and come to solve a blog editor problem.

Sometimes, guest blogging is an asset for websites that have many pages, such as e-commerce websites. Creating or participating with other people in your industry is a great way to build authority for your brand.

To find guest blogging in your industry, copy the image URL of the journalist or blogger profile picture or logo into Google Reverse Search.

Competitor Study

Semrush Website Audit is a great tool to perform an in-depth analysis of your backlinks if you up to a deeper analysis and opt for a firm building link strategy. You don’t even need to subscribe to a paid plan for a single site and can give it a try. Semrush link building section offers you to compare directly with three of your competitors to understand better the market situation you’re into. 

We created a free template for you Seo Backlinking Template by Ohma Digital. 

Using this template, you can use the tab “Existing or Acquired links” to list the acquired links you won with your actions. In doing so, you clear the other steps, and you can focus on the targeted keywords and links you are working on for your website or your client website.

Here at OHMA digital, we offer a full range of services for your growing business, from coaching and helping you grow to producing digital content and presenting it online the right way. We are a team of professionals with years of experience in the digital media market, SEO, social media platforms and advertising. We would be happy to hear from you when managing your business online gets too overwhelming.

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