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How can I use Social Media to promote myself as a Tattoo Artist? Social media are required tools for artists. We created a Social media Guide made for Tattoo Artists who are being serious about their career.

Why are Social Media important for a Tattoo Artist?

The important and widespread social media platforms are free to use and reach a global audience. Social media, especially Instagram or Pinterest have become required tools for artists who are being serious about their careers.

Social media is an exceptionally powerful showcase tool for artists. As a tattoo artist, Instagram for instance helps you to share your art with a large audience and be inspired by other creative souls. It has a huge potential for followers and potential buyers.

What it can do – What it can’t do

Social Media has become important enough that Tattoo Enthusiastic, Tattoo Clients, Tattoo Studios, Tattoo Conventions take social media presence into consideration when they decide who they will collaborate with. While it takes time to build a following, it is entirely possible to succeed when given patience, time and consistency.

However, Social Media will only take you that far. Likes, Fans and Followers do not always transform into customers. For most artists, a collaboration with a gallery or a tattoo studio while growing and enriching a follower base is the best way to make ends meet.

Let’s start with this Social Media Guide for Tattoo Artists.

According to a 2018 study, nearly 90% of online consumers in the United States researched products and brands online before visiting the store or making a purchase.

The Global Web Index estimated that in 2018, a little more than 50% of consumers researched products on social media.

82% of online shoppers searching for services give preference to brands they know of.

Social Media Limits for Tattoo Artists

Limited reach on sponsored posts: Social Media act locally on sponsored posts. They connect and suggest accounts that are similar to what you like or comment close to where you are located in the world. Besides, sponsored posts on social media generate a buzz and traffic but lead rarely to long term benefits.

Social Media feeds you and your followers with content that is similar to the one you watch and like. This has limits because it is the same for your followers. Therefore, when you post, you have more chances to reach social media users within the Tattoo Industry than outside of it.

Manage your time well

Your job is to be an artist that needs space of mind and stress-free to create. If you are doing more than 80/20 between your craft and social media, I can tell you something is wrong here because you will soon become more of a marketer than an artist.

For a tattoo artist, the road to success is to schedule time for social media as part of your day job. You can check once daily or every two days which is more than enough for DMs and posts.

Likes will only get you that far. It is essential to understand that your artistic value isn’t determined by the number of followers or likes you have but more by your goals and how you progress from year to year in your artistic career.

Tattoo Artist: Find your Social Media Aesthetic Voice

Start with you. It always starts with you. It comes from inward.

According to the wonderful work from Laura Burshe with Powering Content: “Almost half of our brain is involved in processing visuals. We react to color in a natural, often subconscious way. Users will rarely be able to express how color affected them, but make no mistake: it has, does, and will continue to shape their experience.” “Sticking to a single color palette for all brand graphics is a great way to preserve visual cohesion.”

Finding your very own artistic niche can be overwhelming. Ikigai can help you to save time and guide you to explore your niche in 4 simple steps.

Tattoo Artist: What to Post on Social Media?

What can you post on Social Media as a Tattoo Artist.

Original ContentFeedStory
Photos of your finished artXX
Close-ups of your finished artXX
Works in progressXX
Videos of your artworksXX
Video or photo walkthrough of your personal studio or the Tattoo Shop X
Photos with customersXX
How-to or tutorialsXX

Other Content


Artworks by your favorites artists X
Art-related blog postsXX
News that affects the Tattoo art industryXX
Local Exhibitions you are interested in X

A god rule of thumb would be to select a couple of content types you are comfortable with and start with it.

If you want to learn more how to build amazing digital content for your social media feed, you will love to read more about Great Digital Content.

How to get more Followers on Instagram?

Social media platforms are social by name. Build connections with other people makes Instagram accounts more visible in discovery mode.

We only suggest hashtags below and social media tactics. Social media, especially Instagram, are dynamic fast pacing platforms. Hashtags must be adapted to your personal aesthetic voice and goal and updated regularly.

Instagram Table

GoalFollowers reachIndustry recognition
Follows accounts that are relevant for your goalsLocal Accounts related to Food, Entertainment, Travel, Movies, Lifestyle, Fashion, ArtLocal and international accounts related to the Tattooing Industry
Use relevant hashtags in your posts (you will find here sample hashtags, find and define your own and share with others when relevant. Hashtags have to be renewed regularly, every three to six month you can check and update your most used hashtags)#bestofdublin #bestofireland #Dublin #dublincity #dublinireland #dublinlife #dublindaily #dublintown #irishinkers #dublinphotos #dublintravel #tattooartistdublin #dublintown #dublintattoo #tattoodublin #dublinlife #dublinstyle #ireland    #tattoo #tattoos #tattooart #tttism #classictattoo #blackworkers #blackwork #tattooireland #contemporaryart #artist #art #tattoolife #tattoodo #tattooworld #Ink #ink #inked #tattoooftheday #TAOT #tattooist #blackandgreytattoo  
How many Hashtags?3 to 5 can be more up to you3 to 5 can be more up to you
What type of HashtagsTarget relevant hashtags even with small number of viewsMost used Hashtags or Hashtags with high visibility
Tag the Tattoo Studio in each of you post (shows to Instagram that you involve other people and that you are an active user)@theblackhattattoo@theblackhattattoo
Tag your colleagues in relevant posts (pictures of the shop, picture of your drawings, flashes and so on)“Nice day @theblackhattattoo with the amazing @blackhatsergy”  “Can’t wait to ink this one. DM or email for bookings. @theblackhattattoo”
Tag the customer when possible to do so/relevant  
Share content created by other artists or the Tattoo Studio on stories  
Answer to comments in a kind, appreciative and positive manner“Thanks for the support”“Much appreciated”
Comment others accounts posts (shows to Instagram that you involve other people and that you are an active user)Comment on @theblackhattattoo posts and other tattoo artists of the studio accounts. Bonus points if you tag a colleague in your comment.Comment on convention accounts, wild reach industry accounts where you can interact with peers
Tag the Tattoo studio or colleagues in other accounts posts“hey check this” “for you @blackhatsergy”“Would love doing one of this @theblackhattattoo”
Publish on relevant times for your audience (ex Dublin)Wednesday, Saturday morning and evening and Sunday are great time to post.Global reach doesn’t have a specific time to post. Do what you can when you can.

We dedicate a full article on how to get more followers on Instagram for tattoo artists eager to learn more on how to grow their Instagram account.

Social Media sometimes become hard to manage for Tattoo Artists. Likes, shares, follows, up votes, hearts, or any other form of social media isn’t an indication of your talent or success. Social media is a tool you can use to better your career and deepen your connection to the artistic community. Be aware that overusing it can be addictive and damaging to your quality of life.

Business Case: Tattoo Artist Instagram Account Example

We are grateful to have contributed to Sergy: @blackhatsergy Instagram success. Giving to Sergy wonderful artwork the attention he deserved, together we grow his Instagram account to more followers, recognition, and customers.

What to do

Add a Picture of Yourself: Our attention is higher when we are in the presence of faces. Likewise, a picture of yourself will always draw more attention than a product picture.

What you do (your artistic style), where you work (your own shop or the tattoo parlour) and how to reach you (one contact is enough, you don’t want to sound desperate).

Highlights are great to use when you want to keep content you put into stories a little longer. Great for available designs, best tattoos for each style you work into/want to specialize into, announce conventions and guests.

Coherent Feed Aesthetic. Sergy uses a high contrast that speaks to him and highlights his creations.

Art Creations. Share other types of content. A good balance is 80/20 between your main content and other type of pictures. It can be art in progress, available drawing, people pictures, yourself, your choice.

Use content created by @theblackhattattoo when relevant for its feed! Save time and show Instagram that Sergy is collaborative on its platform.

Business Case: Tattoo Shop Instagram Post Example

How to post content on your feed and use other feed content to your own benefit.

Business Case: Tattoo Shop Instagram Post Example

Tag colleagues when and where relevant to generate more visibility for your posted content.

Use relevant Hashtags; in both examples below, the post goal is local reach, therefore, the hashtags chosen are targeted to increase the local reach.

Demonstrate appreciation: Use other people content and visibility to get attention on yourself.

Comment, tag and like!

Social media tattoo instagram

Instagram Daily or Weekly Check-up List for Tattoo Artist

As you are now well informed, you can schedule a daily or weekly routine on Instagram. I would suggest a daily routine to post consistently at the same time of the day. And, a weekly routine to prepare your posts in advance, check up on more time-consuming Instagram activities.

Instagram Daily or Weekly Check-up List for Tattoo Artist

Social Media Guide for Tattoo Artists: Instagram Check List

Weekly: Should take a couple of hours

Am I well prepared to succeed on Instagram?

  • What is/are my feed/posts goal(s)?
  • Did I use relevant hashtags for my posts?
  • Have I clearly identified hashtags that I review regularly and use?
  • Do I have a daily or weekly routine to ensure social media don’t take most of my time?
  • Do I follow accounts that are relevant to my goals?

Did I show Instagram that I use the platform to build social connections?

Do I:

  • Tag the Tattoo Studio in each of my post?
  • Comment on the Tattoo Studio account posts? Likewise, did I tag other people doing so?
  • Tag some of my colleagues, the Tattoo Studio, on other accounts?
  • Comment and tag some of my colleagues, the Tattoo Studio on other accounts?
  • Tag some of my colleagues or customers on my posts?
  • Answer to all the comments I received?

Daily: Should take one hour maximum

Did I:

  • Posted on my Instagram feed today?
  • Shared on my Instagram story today?
  • Gave some likes on my feed?
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