Get More Email Subscribers with 3 Simple Rules

Helene Lena Edelgarde/ April 23, 2021/ CONSULTING

How to get more email subscribers? Use the Newsletter Success Circle to get more email subscribers.

What makes a good newsletter? 

How to get more email subscribers? These best practices will help you to increase your Newsletter Sign up.

Do you want to get more email subscribers? Email marketing is one of the most significant ways to connect with your audience. It has powerful conversion results and helps you build a privileged relationship with your prospects and existing clients. 

Emails create engaged audiences: Mailchimp analyses that “The average email open rate for all industries is 21.33%”.

Newsletter works wonderfully to retain and reengage your audience. Many businesses are prone to use marketing technics to land new customers when the best base for future sales lies already within your existing clients. That’s how important it is for you to grow your email subscribers list and retain them.

How to get more email subscribers? Learn how to reach your goals using the Newsletter Success Circle we created with the team at Ohma Digital. 

How to get more email subscribers? – The Newsletter Success Circle

What are the best practices to encourage my clients to sign up for the newsletter? 

At Ohma, we isolated three rules that help to get more email subscribers when followed carefully with the team. We call it the Newsletter Success Circle.

The Newsletter success circle has three components. Each of them has equal importance, and the three of them together drives successful email marketing campaigns.

How does that work? First, you need to get people to subscribe, then write with your audience in mind and finally control your diffusion.

Keep in mind that internet users are savvy. Moreover, they are drowned with information from almost every website they have visited. The window to push your unique voice and being heard is slim.

Nowadays, everyone and anyone can deliver good enough content online. You compete with individuals, local brands and multinationals. You should prove to your users that you are a reliable source of information. Delivering high-quality content and doing it without being pushy is essential. Be relevant and authentic is the key to great results.

Get Subscribers: Call of Action in the right locations

Get Subscribers: Call of Action in the right locations

Pop-Up Window on Service Pages

You read everywhere that people hate pop-up windows, but they still have high returns in user response.

Too many pop-up windows can damage the user experience, also called UX experience for visitors on your website. Building the pop-up windows at the right place for your pages during your website architecture strategy is essential to get you results.

Pop-up windows are ideally located on service pages where the users logical next step is to engage with your brand, look for advice or sign up for your newsletter. In my opinion, sign up pop-up windows are great when they appear in the middle of reading a blog post because, by the time I am in the middle of reading the content, I know if that is worth it for me to register for more. 

A before you go pop-up have great results too. Mailchimp, for instance, help you add a pop-up or embedded form to your website to collect subscribers. There are many other plugins you can install on your website back office, and it’s up to you to select the one you feel the most comfortable with.

A/B testing allows you to give it a try on what works best for your website users. 

Email Signature

Too many businesses invest little on email signatures. On a personal level, I adore them. We receive and send an email every day to clients, prospects, providers, and partners. With a qualitative email signature, you can make a massive impact in the long run. Not only will the people associate your face with the company name. Our brains react more to visual than written content; they will have you top of mind for sales transactions.

Newsletter fans are not always the person you think of, and partners make tremendous subscribers. A simple button or link into your email signature and those of your colleagues can make the difference.

Thank you Page

Website thank you pages tend to be overlooked. They are a great area to be exploited to continue the user experience with your website visitor. 

When they buy your Product or Service, send you an email or have interacted with your brand one way or another, website users are more prone to register to get more qualitative content. After all, they already interacted or purchased with your products or services, so they are logical candidates to become brand ambassadors. 

Thank you pages are fast to set up, and the ROI (Return On Investment) is high. Add the newsletter subscription area on your website thank you page and see your number of email subscribers rise to the roof. 

How to get more email subscribers? – Add Value for your Audience

Identify your audience

A good newsletter is content that will interest your audience. It is undoubtedly the single direct way to have more email subscribers and stabilize a customer base over time. If you are not there yet and still looking to understand your audience type, we prepared for you a free PDF to help you define your buyers: 

Buyer’s Persona Exercise: Define your Audience.

When considering how to start doing digital marketing, it is crucial to understand your audience. Ask these questions to understand who is most likely to buy your product or service, and that way, you will know precisely how to present your business to them.

Download your free PDF that will help you understand your audience.

Write for your audience

What is happening within your company that actual customers, previous clients and the prospect might love to hear about? The best way to start is to curate your inside communication, list what significant happened for your business that might impact your audience directly or not. Involving your teams is one of the best practices that work wonders. 

We are not talking about a significant decision you’re company has made and long-term goals but more talking about the little steps, more intimate details that your audience can relate to.

Sometimes we want more and more emails to sign in when the answer lies in being patient and interacting with existing ones. 

If you already have a couple of people to send your newsletter, it means something. If they haven’t unsubscribed and are interacting with your content, you are not spammy or pushy.

Even more, you can learn from it, perform A/B testing even on a small audience. When it comes to building email subscribers, the right question is why and what value you bring them. The size of your audience doesn’t matter. You need the right one and get qualitative feedback from them to improve.

Create great content

Make your newsletter part of your company content strategy. Content marketing is everything. Many companies struggle with their newsletter topic when it really should be simple. Focus on your why, on the company values and mission. Share with your audience what’s you’ve learned, and do not hesitate to go personal. Emotions are the best way to hook humans, and every great communicator starts with a personal anecdote.

This technic works as well if you are a big company. People love to hear about personal stories. When you adopt a content strategy media-oriented, you realize pretty quickly that this is mostly the most common angle used by the media. They address a general topic using a personal testimony that makes it more real, approachable for us.  

Internal and external communication work the same. We love to read about personal stories. Examples of courage and strength we can model in our daily lives. Talking about your financial results is good for shareholders; your audience wants to identify themselves with you as a business. And every business is about people.

If you’re looking for more about creating great digital content, this article will help you to define your audience and understand the critical component of great content.

How to get more email subscribers? – Control your Diffusion 

Start with one person

Clients we talk with are often focused on the end goal and forgot to enjoy the process itself. It’s common. We use it to measure the result, and we undervalue the value of the steps needed to get there. Best results are achieved when people are aware of the importance of the course of action to reach the goal.

If you want to increase your newsletter audience by 10% before the end of the quarter, it’s worth noticing that you already have a base. If you focus on giving quality information to one person, this will lead to another qualitative subscriber. 

In short, start with one person, switch your focus from the goal to the course of actions and, fall in love with the process.

Measure, Adjust, Repeat

Tools such as particular Mailchimp features allow you to add a tag and classify your audience. Marketing automation works well to organize your audiences in different categories. 

A great rule of thumb is to follow Eric Ries Build-Measure-Learn Feedback Loop and provide the tools to test your ideas backed up by data. These principles are first designed to build startups and help founders show an early stage product: the minimum viable product. Lean Startup standard applies at every level of a business and can help you get the most of your newsletter content diffusion.

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