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Looking for a great Social Media Calendar? Easy, download the free template are using at Ohma : Calendar Template by Ohma Digital.


After four years in the field, we built a social media calendar template to help our clients, staff, and colleagues be as efficient as possible when preparing, planning and, publishing content on networking platforms. 

If you are looking for a great Calendar, download the free template we are using at Ohma : Calendar Template by Ohma Digital.

At Ohma, we aim to build trust with our clients and colleagues. Great marketing is collaborative to empower people within companies to use, share and contribute to best practices from all the industries. Reach out if you have any questions. If you want to join the open-source marketing movement, you are welcome to jump into our Facebook Community: Marketing Focus Group by Ohma Digital


What is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the use of web platforms to share your content with a given audience. 

When it comes to social platforms, marketing actions help your business to communicate with customers and prospects. Ultimately, bringing awareness to your brand impact positively your sales and website traffic.

What is Social Media Marketing_

Marketing on social networks means putting knowledge into action. Behind each profile or account, there is a human-driven by emotions. Marketing is the science of people. Applied to your brand, it helps you target the right audience for your product, understand the contradictions within the market you are operating, learn from your users or followers, and ultimately sell more.

Social media advertising regroups activities using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, affiliates with influencers, and other paid solutions to get your website and products visible online.

It includes also an extensive range of organic activities related to creating, repurposing, and distributing content, visual and content strategy, social media management, and obviously, planning all that with a prolific social media calendar. 

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

As a business or a personal brand, you want to spread your message across various platforms. 

A website for your business with the right SEO strategy is the best investment you can do before starting gaining authority for yourself on the apps such as Facebook, Pinterest, or TikTok. Your website will act as your primary distribution channel. Your website is your core and the central hub where you want most of your customers and prospects to engage with your brand. 

Social media marketing helps you to distribute your brand message across various channels. But, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn are distribution channels outside your control. You do not have access to the algorithm and have limited visibility on the data. Your main distribution channel must be in your possession. 

Why is Social Media Marketing Important_

“Restaurant business: good food and nice atmosphere aren’t enough. The thing restaurants are best at is going out of business. 25% fail within 12 months after opening their doors. 60% are out of business after three years. Like many other small businesses, most restaurants have a huge awareness problem and not the money to spend on advertising or marketing. How to make it? How to make the buzz? How to make it through?” Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger

Use online platforms to discuss, connect and engage with customers and prospects. Networking platforms act best as your secondary distribution channels to repurpose the content you have created for your central hub. Time and resources are scarce; most of our clients manage their media themselves. Being powered with the right resources such as the free template are using at Ohma: Calendar Template by Ohma Digital. is an essential factor for success.

Why having Social Media Calendar is crucial for you?

A Social Media calendar will help you to make the most of your content. Content has better results when adequately distributed and promoted across various channels. A Social Media Calendar allows you to manage your time efficiently to focus on what matters most. 

Most businesses limit themselves to one or two platforms only because they do not know how to address them with a powerful content approach and the right social media calendar. With the right calendar and strategy, you can handle as many platforms as you want.

Why having Social Media Calendar is crucial for you_

Your Calendar helps you act and implement your strategy, monitor your results, and learn what works and what does not for your company. Marketing has much more in common with science than art. It’s all about planning (your strategy powered with the social media calendar), acting (taking action regularly), measuring your results, learning, adjust and repeating. If we cannot measure it, we cannot see the results. 

If you are looking for a great Calendar, download the free template you are using at Ohma: Calendar Template by Ohma Digital. 

Prepare your Content

Preparation is key to success. 

Prepare your Content

Most companies have difficulties entering the online networking zone because of the lack of knowledge and preparation necessary to address the platforms’ specificities. While social platforms are everywhere, many need to be done to clear things up and set up the right approach for businesses.

The first step is to understand your primary distribution channel, which secondary channels make sense for your brand and your audience, and prepare accordingly.

Great Digital Content

Once you have defined what your core is. In the place that will centralize all your publications, you need to have something to share. Great digital content start when you create something valuable for your audience. You will repurpose and adapt to each channel you want to use.

If you want to learn more about content, read this article about Great Digital Content.

Understand Social Platforms

Every digital platform has a similar dynamic, from Facebook to LinkedIn and TikTok; they all stand on the same three following principles: 

  • Share your content
  • Celebrate other people contributions
  • Make friends

Facebook, Pinterest or TikTok platforms are free to use, which makes them accessible for any size of business. However, very few succeed to make a name for themselves and stand out of the crowd. Here is why. 

While sharing qualitative content is essential, many forget the base of networking: connecting people. When you are there, you are in the people business, connecting people business. It will work for you to engage with your followers, with other accounts, and have fun on the platform. Understanding how the algorithm works is the basis of every excellent performance online.

If you want to learn more, we created a full article dedicated to getting more followers on Instagram.

How to Use a Social Media Calendar?

If you are looking for a great Calendar, download the free template you are using at Ohma: Calendar Template by Ohma Digital.

There is no secret formula to make you win on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. More prominent companies do not have better chances to build awareness just because they have more money than smaller ones. The right strategy powered with actions wins.

How to Use a Social Media Calendar_

The only thing you have to know is that timing and location are everything when it comes to Social Media.

The right product, the right time at the right place.

If you don’t get all three, it’s not working.

Each country has different culture and habits. Besides, your audience has its importance. Seek to publish to learn how your audience behaves, when they check their phone and what days suit best for your content. 

Best posting times aren’t the same if you are developing a BtoC or BtoB brand. Weekends work well for local businesses, restaurants, consumers goods, and leisure activities. Weekdays are better if your content is about corporate topics and targets professional platforms. Avoid general recommendations, test by yourself, and adjust.

Social Media Calendar Ready, Now What?

Once your social media calendar is ready, it’s time to publish.

Additionally, I would recommend powering your social media calendar with a list of hashtags you or your team can use to enrich your posts. Review our hashtag list every month. You must stay aware of your industry trends and what hashtags make the difference between brands that do okay and those who do well on social platforms. 

Social Media Calendar Ready, Now What_

Social Media Marketing and Management planner tools such as HootsuiteBuffer or Sprout Social are handy when it comes to mass publishing. If you start and learn about your audience, you might want to stay away from planner tools. Don’t. They will power you with insights, analysis of your publishing times, results, and they are worth the money spent. Furthermore, once you have a more regular content flow, you can plan and use your social media calendar to generate publications a couple of days or weeks in advance. When comparing the pro and cons of management tools, I have found this article very useful; check it out! 

Feedback is always welcome, and at Ohma, we stand on Open-Source principles, which means that we learn together with our clients to facilitate our technics and tools. Drop us a comment, an email, or share this article with someone who will be happy to read it. 

Let us know what you think about our calendar because practice makes perfect! 

Download the free template are using at Ohma: Calendar Template by Ohma Digital.

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