How to Build a Powerful SEO Strategy?

Helene Lena Edelgarde/ July 9, 2021/ SEO

How to Build a Powerful SEO Strategy?

learn how to build a powerful SEO Strategy with

The Four Practicable Items Essential in any SEO Strategy, learn how to build a powerful SEO Strategy with Ohma!

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What is SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization is the sum of actions and processes that helps a website to gain visibility online via search engines. Optimizing your website ranking on a search engine is a structured process that requires dedication and regular effort to achieve results.

What is SEO? - Ohma Digital

You are unsure what is SEO and how it works? Learn how SEO can help you achieve your results here

Why do you need an SEO Strategy?

Do you love statistics as much as we do? At Ohma Digital, we learned that for 4 online search users using Google or any other search engine, 3 of them will purchase from the top 3 ranking websites for any given keyword.

When people navigate online for a service or product using a search engine like Google, they will visit the most visible website. Therefore, with a great SEO strategy, your website must position itself for short-tail and long-tail keywords.  

SEO takes time. It’s not a sprint but a marathon that requires adjustment along the way. Most results and slightly changes in rankings appears after 3 to 6 months of regular action. Being able to build a partnership based on trust is a perquisite with your chosen agency when it comes to SEO Strategy. Like most things that need time, a good plan is the necessary starting point.

Why do you need an SEO Strategy? - Ohma Digital

If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail. 

Maybe the most challenging part of any SEO strategy is planning and coordinating the execution of every step carefully. Therefore, you need both skilled experts and a project manager to overview all the SEO strategy components. 

If you are up to doing it by yourself, that’s wonderful, and we will be delighted to help you with the expert for each area. Then, this article will help you to prepare for the scope of work that’s ahead of you.

Suppose you are looking for some knowledge before jumping into a long-lasting relationship with a marketing agency. In that case, this article will give you an overview of the basic knowledge for you to have to make your project successful.

SEO Strategy: What about Paid Search?

Advertising -Paid search has direct results, but they will last as long as you pay for it. As soon as the money stops flowing, you lose the effects of your paid efforts. 

On the contrary, SEO benefits your website by generating results that tend to last for years.

Why do we talk about paid search in an SEO Strategy article? Because often, SEO and advertising work together to generate awareness for a brand. Both are useful, and they have a very different purpose. Advertising boost your visibility on a specific product, service or website page for a limited amount of time. Over time, SEO works best when you are looking to rank organically.

We’ve set up fantastic SEO Strategies powered by short-term advertising to help them start. 

We do love how marketing helps people doing business. And what we enjoy most is building long-term success stories with our clients using the right SEO strategy.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Build a website authority over time always starts with a well-defined and actionable plan. 

The SEO strategy defines areas where we can improve the website reputation. The most important is to understand where to focus and how to achieve the outcomes awaited.

First, you must do the website audit. It is essential to know where you start from. Once this is completed, the next step is to focus on setting achievable goals for your SEO strategy to succeed. Answer to the following questions: 

  • What are your top three business priorities in the coming months/years?
  • Which is the most important one?
  • What does your website help you to achieve in your business?
  • What do users find on your website? How do they use the website content?
  • Do you have a content strategy

The right strategy in SEO is the one that considers the number of resources you can regularly motivate on your plan. One hour a day or one hour a week will bring you further after a year than two months of exhaustion and then nothing.  

The Four Practicable Items Essential in any SEO Strategy

  • Technical SEO
  • Content Optimization for Search Engines
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

Technical SEO

The Technical part of a well-rounded SEO strategy ensures that the website runs appropriately without technical issues. Technical SEO includes checking the findability by the search engines, if the speed is acceptable, how the website responds to mobile users. Moreover, you want to check if the website is optimized for search engines and if the website’s content is structured. 

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Some points of technical SEO have to be anticipated before developing the website. Among them are the architecture and what technologies you choose. We can adjust others details afterwards. In any case, it is always better to design your website hand in hand with an SEO specialist by your side. You end up with a better website, a functional user experience and save more money.

When it comes to Technical SEO, these are the areas of your website we focus on to deliver results:  

Crawling and indexing

Is it possible for Google bots or another search engine to explore your website? Bots are programs that analyze and categorize your website content. If a page isn’t accessible for a bot, your website will be considered difficult to navigate for a search engine user. Be mindful of the possible impact on your ranking negatively. Technical SEO is the essential part of any SEO strategy that ensures your pages are correctly indexed.


Does your site adapt for mobile users? Depending on the industry you operate in, mobile device users can go up to 80% of your website visitors. Having a website responsive for mobile devices is a must-have when selling or communicating with younger generations or e-commerce brands.

SEO Strategy - Technical SEO - Ohma Digital

Site Speed 

If the size doesn’t matter, speed does. Users have become highly exigent with speed. Two to three seconds is too long for a page to load, which makes the technical SEO team up to any challenge you may encounter—video, music and so on. By keeping your visitors happy, your website is more enjoyable and its visibility increase. 


The choice of the technology you use has a massive impact on your website speed, durability, navigability. Ensuring you are using search-engine-friendly tech is the cornerstone of a well-rounded Technical SEO Strategy.

Website Architecture. 

Having a house where the bedroom is in the kitchen does not make any sense, right? It is similar when it comes to website hierarchy. Website architecture is fascinating and perfect for people who love mind maps, brainstorming, and making bold ideas happen. The right architect during your SEO strategy will ensure that your content is well-structured and understandable for your users.

Content Optimization for Search Engines

When we discuss SEO Content Strategy, the website audience is always at the center of the strategy. It is the very first step to understand when producing qualitative content. 

Your SEO Strategy should let a large space to optimize the content. Interviewing prospects to customers will help you to gather important voices from your audience, but that’s not enough. It is worth it to conduct a deep analysis into the topics and keywords the website is built around. 

You mission is to gain positioning with qualitative, unique and engaging content. Customer reviews, white papers, and blog posts are an integral part of a successful SEO strategy.  

  • Great Content: What is great digital content? Great content is unique, creative and relevant for your users. In marketing, where the competition is fierce, excellent digital content is one of the essential pillars for businesses’ success. We dedicated an entire article to help you understand what great content means and how to discover it…
  • Knows your Audience: It always starts with your audience. When considering how to start doing digital marketing, it is crucial to understand your audience. 
  • Keywords Research: Use the tools available on the market to explore topics, keywords and build your content strategy around what matters to your users. Not what you think is excellent. Beware of the expert trap. Moz Keyword Explorer or answer the public are two fantastic tools for understanding and analyzing your audience. 
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A successful SEO Strategy is set up with several qualitative pieces of content, starting with a blog. The comes web pages, videos, infographics, and white papers. Creating content is one of the largest and more complex areas for marketers. Long term vision, careful planning, and daily disciple do original interviews, exciting case studies and relevant articles—nothing else, nothing more. 

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO focus on the content on your website. What is at stake here is to organize a website that is easy for users to navigate using call to actions, structured content and an internal linking strategy—moreover, On-Page SEO focus on defining descriptive URLs, internal linking, ALT Tags images and meta description. 

Off- Page SEO

Off-Page SEO implies primarily link building. It is maybe the most challenging part of any SEO strategy due to the many criteria to consider and by far one of the most interesting by nature itself of the process. A specific approach is strongly advised to generate qualitative and relevant backlinks to a website or blog content. 

Helene Edelgarde - Ohma Digital
Helene Edelgarde - Ohma Digital
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