Google SEO: Increase your Online Visibility

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Google SEO: Understand Google's Mission and increase your Online Visibility.

Google SEO: Understand Google’s Mission and increase your Online Visibility.

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SEO & Google

Google is the most used search engine worldwide. In 2020, Google ranked first with 92% of internet users, followed by Bing with 2,44% and Yahoo with 1,64%. 

When it comes to SEO, Google is the search engine establishing the industry norm for good practices to make your website visible to internet users. SEO strategists and experts use Google as the reference for helping clients gain visibility online.

It is worth noting that the top three ranking websites on any Google search get 75% of the user’s traffic. Good SEO is not only a necessity to build brand visibility; it’s also a strong marketing and sales tool to drive quantitative and qualitative leads to your business.

What is Google Mission?

What is Google mission, and how can I use it for my SEO?

Google is a global company with a clear, straightforward mission: to deliver the best information to its users. What do best means? It can be declined in the most accurate search results in a reduced amount of time. This strategy is the recipe that made the Google search engine successful. 

What is Google mission, and how c

As it is crucial for Google to display the most relevant outcomes to their users, they have developed an algorithm, regularly updated and challenged, that visualize, classify and note the pages of all websites. 

If Google is the number one search engine, it’s for a simple reason: they put their users first. Therefore, their teams spend a significant amount of time optimizing the algorithm, detecting and eliminating tentative frauds, and rewarding qualitative initiatives. 

What is Google SEO?

This article is about SEO on Google Search Engine only. If you are unsure about general SEO, you might want to start with this article: What is SEO.

Google SEO is willingly optimizing your website content to align with Google’s mission. SEO with Google is done best with a professional SEO expert who keeps themselves updated regularly.

What is Google SEO?

It requires a deep understanding and alignment with the search engine mission and values to perform Google SEO well. In other words, it’s doing SEO with a holistic approach, which means technics committed to delivering the best information to your website users. It’s a strong engagement toward quality for your website and marketing team. It requests brainpower, skilled staff and patience. 

Here we will detail how Google proceed to determine how your website will rank.

Crawling & Indexing

What is Crawling

Each search engine has a crawler, also called a robot or bot. Bots checkups and follow links. Once the search engine reviews your website, the bot or crawler will analyze each page. The bot can read the content of the page or blog post, understand the pictures and then register the results inside of the search engine database until the next visit to your website. You know now how a search engine defines what is on your website and which users will be the best possible answer to their needs. 

What is Crawling

What is Indexing

Google organize crawled website information in an extensive index. An index works under the same principles as an index you can find in a library with books organized by themes, categories, authors, etc. At a central point, we classify all the valuable information about the books available in the library. If you replace the books with web pages, you have a clear picture of what Google does with indexing your website. 

What is Indexing

Google organize all the web pages to have a clear view of them and orientate queries to the best webpage. Therefore, one or several pages of your website might stand out as each page is treated as a unique piece of content – or as a single book by Google. 

If you wish to have an idea of which Google indexes pages, you can do a Google Web Search for ““.

Can you beat the Google Algorithm?

Google search engine is the bridge between your products or services and potential customers. Google seems to have the power to do and undo businesses, and many have tried to counteract with Google’s Strategy. When it comes to SEO, efficient results are those that will last in time. Quick wins don’t exist and are most related to shady methods, also called Black Hat SEO.

Can you beat the Google Algorithm?

Black Hat SEO 

Black Hat SEO is tricking the search engine bots to generate artificially interest to your web pages. Quick gains don’t last. Black Hat SEO methods and practices range from keyword stuffing (the overuse of keywords in a page or hidden keywords to lure the search engine on the content created on a page), backlinks acquisition and influencing indexes. 

Black Hat SEO

These practices produce results in the short term but damage the website ranking once Google bots are crawling the web again. Your website can be crawled every day or as little as every six months if you don’t produce much content change. Therefore, the consequences of black hat SEO can take time to show and usually, the marketing specialists are long gone. You’re left to fix it by yourself.

White Hat SEO

Why would you try to defeat Google at his own game? Google knows the rules better than you do, constantly improve them and plays at home.

White Hat SEO

Besides fulfilling its mission, Google Search Engine collaborates with one of the best engineers and data analysts. Their job is to makes things easy for companies and agencies to optimize their websites within the framework established by Google company. When you have such a powerful team working toward helping you do your best, it’s a shame not to use it!

Adopt the Google Strategy

Google delivers a huge amount of information free of charge to facilitate companies and websites to optimize their online presence.  

How to rank first on Google?

If you consider Google as your partner in success, as a way to reach a qualitative prospect and as a stepping stone to reach your goals, you are approaching it with the right mindset to succeed. By understanding and applying the following steps, there is a straight line between you and SEO success.

How to rank first on Google?

Be the best in your field, and Google will facilitate the ranking of your website. 

Be the best at what you do

“It is impossible to become a tough leader in your industry …….” Joe Pulizzi Content Inc

You are operating within a niche, you may not be the best right now, but there are already factors that differentiate you from your colleagues and competitors. Why are your customers choosing you? It’s not always what you want to be but what people like in your product, your customer service, and what makes you unique. And it is what you must capitalize on.

Be the best in your field, and Google will facilitate the ranking of your website.

For instance, at Ohma, we realized that having a great team with the ability to speak English and French was an asset we under-evaluated. After being in touch with several colleagues in France and partnering with them on expanding clients activities to English speaking markets, we realized we had a critical differentiation that was interesting for people. We decided to embrace it and are delighted to help businesses to implement their products and services in both French and English speaking markets.

If you need help to understand who is your audience and what can be helpful for them, download the Ohma guide to define your audience personas.

Create, write, produce content for your audience and not beat Google at its own game

We can’t insist more on a well-rounded content strategy that’s uniquely yours. When you write with your users in mind, it’s suitable for everyone: it’s great for Google, your business and, more importantly, your users. 

Stay away from the temptation to create content for rankings. Keywords are helpful and a strong indication of what the internet trends are for your business area, but if there is an important topic for you or your customers, write about it anyway. 

Create, write, produce content for your audience and not beat Google at its own game

Content strategies are the backbone of every single successful marketing initiative online. Without it, your content created has no soul, and you might waste time. Purpose and preparation with your audience in mind bring results and help your ranking. Smart marketers leverage AI, social media and customers feedback to create qualitative content strategies for businesses to rise above the crowd.

Understand and use the rules of Google SEO

When we take care of your SEO, what we do at Ohma is nothing more than helping you get close as much as possible with the Google Guidelines detailed here. Suppose you read in details everything made available for free by the engineers at Google to help you. In that case, you will soon realize that what we do is similar to the recommendations made by Google. 

Understand and use the rules of Google SEO

Google has a fantastic base of knowledge and support to help you along the way if you undertake to manage your SEO by yourself. Like this guide to SEO. And as Google said it beautifully: “This guide won’t provide any secrets that’ll automatically rank your site first in Google (sorry!), but following the best practices will hopefully make it easier for search engines to crawl, index, and understand your content.”

Like them, we are committed to having your users in mind in everything we do. We specialized in understanding the game’s rules to apply them in the best way possible for you and your website. Step by step, we help your website being more relevant for the users within your niche.

Be regular, feed the Google crawler with actual, relevant, and updated content

Content, content, content. Qualitative content is the cornerstone of every SEO strategy. 

Be regular, feed the google crawler with actual, relevant, and updated content

If you want to read more about great digital content, we’ve dedicated a whole article about it: What is great digital content.

Get the right Communication Agency to help you out

To improve your visibility online is like training for a sports event. It’s long, and you can sometimes lose sight of what you are doing and where you could be better. Getting someone to help you measure the work done and a clear view of what could be better is undoubtedly the last but essential way to achieve your goals

Get the right Communication Agency to help you out

It’s essential to talk about the space AI Marketing is taking in the SEO world. A common mistake is buying into companies that offer you all in one solution powered by AI that results in guaranteed and respect the guidelines of search engines. AI is indeed powerful, but The best engineers on earth design google bots. As we said earlier, we consider it pointless to compete with them. 

AI Marketing is helpful to implement and accelerate a strategy that works well. When it comes to creating content, qualitative human skills will always overpower AI. Quality beats quantity every single time in life and business. When you can do quality at a larger scale, you have a winning strategy in terms of SEO. Getting a communication agency like Ohma, specializing in designing SEO strategy and using brainpower, is essential for your website to fulfil its potential. 

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