Why the Future of Art is to be an NFT Artist and how to become one.

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How to be an NFT Artist_

What’s and NFT, and how could I use it as an artist to trade my art online?

Do you wish to become an NFT Artist? Creative people are used to the digital world, especially young ones. Creators already use digital tools to create stunning pieces, but could you transform them into a non-fungible token and get paid for it? Here is your answer and how to do it.

In this article, we answer two fundamental questions for a future NFT artist: What’s and NFT, and how could I use it as an artist to trade my craft online?

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What’s an NFT

If you already know what NFT means, you can jump directly to the second section of this article. If not, read with attention the following paragraphs.

What’s an NFT

An NFT means Non-Fungible Token. In other words, a non-replaceable virtual piece of content. As an artist, you are already creating unique non-duplicable production that may be in the physical world. For an NFT artist, your painting, sculpture, or any other creation are available only on a digital device such as a computer or smartphone.

If there is one thing to remember is that everything we consider collectable is becoming a token. We list digital art, GIF, game possessions, music or whatever fits the criteria.

The token that worth $69 Million

In March 2021, Mike Winkelmann — the digital artist known as Beeple – sold at a digital auction a collage “Everyday – The First 5000 Days” at a value of $69 million. It made history as the most expensive token sold at auction so far. 

Mike focussed since 2007 on this collage by producing one piece daily. The value and amount of work done are enormous. 

NFT 69 Millions - Everyday - The First 5000 Days" - Mike Winkelmann - Beeple

The 33 bidders, which is considered relatively minor, were millennials. It’s worth noticing a whole new generation of art collectors on this market, mainly from the United States. 

Before that, the highest bid in the industry what $6,6 million. 

We do not know yet if significant art auction houses will follow the trend, but for sure, something has happened, and we look forward to what will happen in the future for the art market. 

NFT and Blockchain

The ownership of the token is certified by the blockchain. The blockchain is a data structure in the cloud that securely record digital transactions. It works similarly to a bank as it records who exchanged what, at what value, and who. Blockchain is famous for being the technology that allows cryptocurrency to exist. Bitcoin is an example of cryptocurrency available online that relies on it to exist. 

NFT and Blockchain

What does that mean for me as an NFT artist? In exchange for your immaterial creation, sold at an auction or on an artistic marketplace online, you will receive your payment in the form of a cryptocurrency instead of cash or a bank transfer. The blockchain secures the cryptocurrency, and the transaction is valid.

In arts, Ethereum blockchain or ETH seems to be the most prominent cryptocurrency used for now.

What does that means for me as an NFT artist?

Anyone can become an NFT artist as long as the blockchain authenticates the token and the market responds to it. Due to the NFT being collectable digital assets, they fit perfectly with multiple forms of craft.

How to become an NFT artist?

Surprisingly, becoming an NFT artist is quite simple. 

Do you already create digital visuals using Adobe, Procreate or on any other digital surface/app? Great!

How to become an NFT artist_

The very next step is to get yourself into a creating app or platform. These digital marketplaces help you turn your digital production into a token in exchange for a fee.

What is an NFT Marketplace?

If you wish to become an NFT artist, you will interact with a dedicated marketplace. 

What is an NFT marketplace? 

It is simply a platform to buy, sell and trade NFTs. Traditional payments such as debit/credit cards, Apple pay and crypto are accepted. Most will offer options of regular trade with fixed prices or organise auctions. 

What is an NFT Marketplace_

As an NFT artist, you will be able to turn your digital art piece into a non-fungible token in exchange for a fee. 

What type of art do you find there? 

You can find a vast diversity of styles and creators, which is fantastic as it displays the excellent versatility of creators. However, that limits your possibility to target niche related customers. 

Remember, the NFT artist will have to change $ or € into a cryptocurrency used by the platform and purchase the service of turning your digital art into an NFT. It is a lucrative business trend for both marketplaces and cryptocurrencies.

Popular marketplaces an NFT artist need to know.

As we know, in 2021, the most popular marketplace are Raible, OpenSea, SuperRare, Atomic Assets. 

It’s an excellent canal of diffusion and allows artists to become multi-canal. We can see it as a strong hope during a long-lasting pandemic that impacted artistic people deeply. 

Is becoming an NFT artist worth it?

It could be a great time to become an NFT artist to make a name for yourself at an early stage of the market. Such as TikTok, the growth potential is vast and putting the right amount of time into it will be rewarding as the niche becomes more mainstream.

However, like the traditional creative market, being visible and increasing your artistic value is critical to get noticed and selling. In other words, NFT is a revolution by itself but can become pricy if you don’t have an audience or earned a reputation yet. Your time has value, and spend it wisely. 

Is becoming and NFT Artist worth it

A user of Reddit says that friends of his in art college had to reduce the intellectual content of their work to make money. If you’re afraid of losing yourself to sell to the masses, maybe it’s isn’t for you yet. 

Remember that most buyers are millennials, so their art education is different from the one you’ve maybe learned from art school. They might not appreciate highly technical abilities and somewhat looks like social media marketplaces audiences. 

What to be careful about ?

To become an NFT artist, you must be ready to enter a money-driven market. Most creators are bad at it, and it could be difficult for them to be at ease, emphasising the transactional value of their creations. Most galleries role is to represent and protect artists allowing them to create in peaceful workshops. Integrating the monetary value of your art too early can be destructive in the creative process for some creators while operating as a booster for others. It’s decisive to be self-aware of your creative process and your need before jump into becoming an NFT artist.

What to be careful about _

Another Reddit user is seeing this market as complementary to the traditional art market. He said that it is for him two different places, and the NFT art world gives visibility to fresh ideas and styles that are usually excluded from conventional people. In short, it could be a great place to experiment and see how the public responds to your ideas. 

Our advice at Ohma:

  • Regularity pays off. Mike Winkelmann created a work of art every single day for 5,000 days. You want to put yourself in a healthy, productive routine. Becoming an NFT artist is the result of long hours of work. 
  • Focus on yourself instead of seeking a quick gain. It takes time to find your creative, cohesive space and identity. Use the NFT for what it is, an opportunity for broader reach and visibly. Get into it only if they are in line with your artistic approach.
  • Target your top 10 most popular digital pieces or physical pieces of art/styles to give it a try. Platforms earn money for each NFT created. The more you generate, the better for them, but keep in mind that there is no guarantee to sell or connect you with potential buyers.
  • Competition can be fierce, and your value/visibility in other areas such as Instagram or TikTok will help you leverage an audience and give value to your art. Traditional galleries, art fairs, and anyone who can help you gain visibility are opportunities.

At Ohma, we support creators with slow marketing technics; we help them raise awareness and gain credibility with coaching, PR and social media. Drop us an email when you’re ready to take your career to the next level. We love you already!

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