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Helene Lena Edelgarde/ October 15, 2021/ SEO

Top-10-SEO-Questions on Backlinks part 1

We gathered in this article, 10 SEO questions and answers to power up you and your website with the best possible approaches that help top companies to rank first on search engines.

What’s best is that you will soon realize in reading these SEO questions that nothing is out of reach. Big or small, businesses around the world use the same technics. You can gain experience with a blog and become top of your field if you work consistently within your niche. 

There are no stupid questions. Before being a web project manager or web expert, each of us is a web user. The ability to answer single user requests and address concerns outside of project stakeholders’ goals is an asset worth developing in any agency. At Ohma, we decided to isolate the most asked SEO questions from users and client experts. We collected these customers’ SEO questions by email, during phone calls, and in meetings.

SEO Questions on Backlinks

Ready? Let’s dig into the first of these SEO questions selected for you.

I need to scroll a lot on pages to get to the point, is that good SEO_

I need to scroll a lot on pages to get to the point, is that good SEO?

Why do I need to scroll for a couple of minutes before I reach the information I was looking for in the first place? ? Yes, that’s good SEO!

The author ensures the reader has context, educates on the topic before jumping into it, and focuses on the user experience. A website that has an excellent content rank higher on search engines, which often means longer content. 

What to do then if you notice a high bounce rate on a specific page? A great way to avoid upsetting your visitors and what we do at Ohma is to put an anchor link in the first paragraph of the blog post that directs the user directly to the page section or a direct link to the free pdf or available content.

Can I do SEO without Backlinks?

Can I rank without using Backlinks?

Could you do without backlinks? ? There is a significant debate on that matter. The answer is it depends on the industry and the competition. Yes, it is possible to get visible online and having your website on the top searches without backlinking.

However, if you feel you’re stuck and the website ranking isn’t moving much, backlinks help gain position. For instance, at Ohma, we have helped customers raking without backlinks for some industries. On others, the competition is enormous, and links must come as an essential aspect of the whole strategy.

How do you keep up with all the updates_ (2)

How do you keep up with all the updates?

Keeping up with Google algorithms is time-consuming; what can I do? ? Keeping up with algorithms updates is indeed overwhelming. Search engines are making a lot of effort to help everyone be on board and manage their visibility by themselves with tools such as Yoast SEO or Google Analytics and Google Academy. That works for most small businesses and websites, and if you put in the time and effort, you can skip an agency. However, SEO is a full-time job, and not everyone has the luxury of allocating energy to it. Sometimes paying a professional is a better option.

Does SEO increases sales_

Does SEO increase sales?

Is building links a great strategy to increase sales? ? Most businesses who pay for SEO services want to see their ranking rise. The top three rankings on a keyword search on Google get 75% of the traffic. Traffic doesn’t guarantee sales. If you focus on user experience, your value proposition, and the quality of your product, that will impact your sales. SEO, including backlinking strategies, brings people to your business. The next part of the job is another marketing domain. Of course, it entirely depends on the company. B2B has a more prolonged and more complex sales process than B2C businesses. Each client is different and requires a specific approach. 

What’s best for building links_

What’s best for building links?

I have difficulties building backlinks; what can I do? ? Powerful SEO is built over time.

Once we establish the methods, it gets easier over time. About the specific case of backlinking, having contacts makes everything. It’s often assimilated into a sales process, as it is long and meticulous in building authority over time. When you have the connection, if you know your niche well, backlinks acquisition becomes easier. Building links is a full-time job in most agencies and businesses. Sometimes paying a professional is the best thing you can do for qualitative results.

What is a good backlink_

What is a good backlink?

What makes a good backlink? ? A good backlink is all about quality. First, it needs to make sense for the content it links to and to your audience. No matter the link you acquired, it needs to fit naturally within your blog or webpage content.

Being niche-specific is essential here. A good backlink comes from a website with a domain authority (DA) within your reachability. You want to target a website with a higher power than yours, which is not a competitive business.

Since I produce content as well, when I prepare my content, I usually identify the internal and external linking for the content before writing the blog post. I put myself in the audience’s shoes, and I try to connect valuable resources and other articles to the content I create. When seeking backlinks, I reverse the thinking process, putting myself in the shoes of the content editor of the other website I wish to gain a link from.

Would you prefer a niche edit or a guest posting_

Would you prefer a niche edit or a guest posting?

What has the best results: niche edits or guest posting? ? With a niche edit, you reach out to a blogger or writer, and you pay him to add or replace a link into an already published article. It’s great because the content is already out and has already been scanned by google bots and indexed. That helps you get results fast and have a certainty about the page authority compared to guest posting.

Honestly, I love both. Guest posting allows to create good relationships and requires a little more personal investment, but niche edits are pretty competitive to get, so it’s really up to you. However, if you are looking for a natural result that will enhance the user experience, a mix of niche edits and guest blogging is perfect. 

I want fast results, what should I do_

I want fast results; what should I do?

How to create backlinks fast and efficiently? ? There are no quick gains with backlinks. Automation is tricky, and websites or agencies offering quick and easy results often generate poor quality, high-volume backlinks. Black hat SEO is assimilated as spam by Google bots and has your website blacklisted by the search engine.

Beware of those offering you an easy way of doing it. They certainly don’t know what they are doing. It is possible to bring your website back from Black Hat methods, but that takes time and requires natural, organic, safe content production and link building. Better not have to deal with it.

A good rule is to stay away from what’s sounds too good to be true. A post on a website with a 70 or more domain authority is closer to worth €350 than €15. Remember also that quality is always better than quantity when it comes to SEO. Whatever your budget, you can work something for yourself with a trustworthy SEO or backlinks agency. 

Is Content Marketing connected to link acquisition_

What Content Marketing has to do when it comes to backlinks?

Is Content Marketing connected to link acquisition? ? Paying for backlinks isn’t a guarantee to get them. It takes a lot for a website to say yes, in a competitive place, even when they charge you money for the link or post. The most website with a good domain authority is looking to partner with contributors who add value. Backlinks are a fantastic tool, but they will not replace the importance of creating quality content and work on your website visibility. In short, the better your website, the higher the chances for high authority blogs and websites to collaborate with you.

How to find Backlinks_

How to find Backlinks?

What are the ways to seek backlinks? ? Guest blogging, pay for links, looking for broken links, and hosting blog posts or interviews from industry-related leaders or influencers are the most notorious ways of acquiring quality backlinks. It would be best if you spent the time to know the specific industry blogs that will accept guest posts. Build your listing and reach out to them regularly, do outreach yourself. It’s part of the job.

Thank you for reading this article on the top 10 SEO questions. It has been made with love from our marketing team in Dublin, Ireland. We have talented professionals dedicated to supporting our customers in their journey with marketing in Dublin. If you want to share a question with our team, reach out. 

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