Why the Future of SEO is Digital PR

Helene Lena Edelgarde/ December 24, 2021/ SEO

Why the Future of SEO is Digital PR

Traditional SEO or PR no longer works as well as it used to. 

Google factors a brand presence in the press and social media to estimate the company influence and, therefore, how high it will rank on specific searches. The time when website visibility what left to a couple of technical updates and some content marketing is gone.

In short, when you want your website to rank high in your niche, traditional methods are not enough. 

We need to reinvent ourselves. Therefore, Digital PR and SEO is the right approach for the future of the industry.

What is SEO

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization improves the visibility of a website using various tactics, including targeted qualitative content, technical updates, keyword research, optimization, and link building. 

Backlinks are the most challenging and complex part of an optimizing a website for search engines. It involves searching for websites and bloggers who will accept trade links in exchange for remuneration. 

Good SEO is slow. It is a time-consuming and sustainable process where it can take up to 6 months to see results. While social media links are competitive, the amount of them now matters in business visibility on Google.

Ultimately, it drives traffic to your website, which you can transform into sales.

What is PR

What is PR

In 1982, the PRSA National Assembly chose this definition: “Public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other.” 

Public Relations, or PR, build a personal or professional brand reputation toward the public. It belongs to the strategic sphere of communication. PR establishes mutual relationships with media to diffuse their content and lobby.

PR specialists are experts at building trust. Their goal is to help the company achieve its goals by leveraging traditional media. They often navigate within journalists, influencers, bloggers, and influential people of their industry. 

In other words, they help businesses to build and maintain a controlled image with the public. PR is often found in large corporates where the business interest is referred to in the media regularly. 

What is Digital PR

What is Digital PR

Digital PR ensures the notoriety of a brand in the press, both in the traditional and the digital space. A part of PR is still happening outside of the Internet. Many professionals are sticking to their old ways and are adapting slowly to the digital era.

Digital made PR more adaptable and flexible. We do not know who will be famous next, and things have grown to the point that almost anything can spread like fire on social media. And, yes, it is quite a full-time job. 

When you think it through, it makes sense. Brands need nowadays to adapt their communication to complete personalized and geo-located customers. Your audience has grown with digital media exposure and is educated, aware and exigent. It’s fascinating and empowering. 

What changed_

What changed?

Traditional digital PR and SEO no longer works as well as it used to. There are no more strict boundaries between both. Google factors a brand presence in the press and social media to estimate the company influence and, therefore, how high it will rank on specific searches. The time when website optimization what left to a couple of technical updates and some content marketing is long gone.

In short, when you want your website to rank high in your niche, it isn’t enough. 

Digital PR and SEO share common interests: creating a strong and positive image while developing a great relationship with the audience. Both are slow and steady processes that require time and focus. They both contribute to the well-being of the company and ensure it will reach its goals.

Why Digital PR and SEO is the right approach_

Why Digital PR and SEO is the right approach?

Conversation with journalists, bloggers & media has become more crucial than before in website ranking. The proper approach balances both PR and SEO. Remember that Digital PR and SEO help to drive traffic and drive revenue. 

Because the goal is to build great relationships, quality has never been so important. Digital PR and SEO bring qualitative interactions with the press and a healthy dynamic for your website to rank high. Targeted content built with the media that supports brand awareness and website ranking is now the norm for savvy marketers.

It’s a big deal when you secure an interview for your company on the radio or in the press, and I bet it wasn’t easy to get. Digital PR and SEO is the solution you seek to maximize the coverage of this event. Getting your SEO right with detailed instructions for your partner will help build momentum on the brand social media, bring exposure for both the host and the guest, and ultimately maximize the impact.

Moreover, Digital PR and SEO are cost-effective because you end up spending less for a more significant impact when your whole marketing strategy aligns. It isn’t easy but worth it. You obtain more effective results with the same financial effort. 

Combine SEO and PR strategies

Combine SEO and PR strategies

An excellent expert piece of advice to follow is the video made by Dmitry Dragilev from Just reach out. He explains in a simple way how to integrate PR into your search engine optimization strategy. Watch his video here.

The very next step is to combine Digital PR and SEO strategies into one. If they belong to two different departments, it is worth it to rethink the budgets allocated. The main goal is to avoid spending twice the amount for the same result. Joint efforts and teamwork will make a difference in the future of marketing departments. 

If you have a minor marketing department or are doing your whole communication on your own, it will be helpful to include some PR notions into your SEO. Your job is to help the PR team understand your targets and actions.

Digital PR and SEO are all about making friends and helping others grow by powering them with qualitative content. Great relationships are the open door for everything in life. The future of SEO is collaborative, honest, and seeks mutual benefices.

Associate SEO and PR_ What we did for a Tattoo Shop in Dublin

Associate SEO and PR: What we did for a Tattoo Shop in Dublin

We collaborate with a local Irish rock radio station to record and broadcast one show a month around tattooing and rock culture. When we met with Lloyd and his fantastic team, we instantaneously clicked. Great vibes, shared vision, and above all, good people. It is Lloyd personality and approach to the work that made us choose him. 

This is all-new, and we are expecting social media repercussions, of course. It is also the opportunity to engage with artists at everyday events and expand our circle of friends. 

The goal is to increase our local visibility on social media and beyond. The radio show allows us to have content and stories to tell on our networks and help them grow simultaneously.

It is excellent for local PR and local reach on social media, but it will also impact our rankings positively. This collaboration has meaning and feels right for us. It serves the mission and the vision of the company. In many ways, it is more fulfilling than buying for links outside of our industry. 

Great collaborations are not measured anymore only under the scope of links acquired or the number of press releases when you combine SEO and Digital PR. We evaluate them under the criteria of quality and the amount of mutually beneficial actions. 

Get your content marketing team in line with your SEO experts.

Get your content marketing team in line with your SEO experts.

Understanding your audience was reserved for strategic and content marketing teams. With Digital PR becoming a more significant part of all SEO programs, audience awareness is key to success. 

When you understand your audience, you can direct your Digital PR to complement your SEO in the right direction. Adding PR to SEO means partnering up with journalists, bloggers, and media. So, you need to know who is your ideal customer. SEO experts of the future are not limited only to the technical part, and everyone developing the skill to grasp the big picture will be strongly advantaged. 

Five questions to understand your audience

Five questions to understand your audience 

  • What do they need?
  • What do they watch?
  • What do they listen to?
  • Where do they hang out?
  • What do they talk about?

Ohma Template: Buyer Persona Define your Audience. Our team has designed a free tool to help you to build your buyer persona. It is a fantastic way to get started.

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