How to choose the perfect SEO Agency in Dublin

Helene Lena Edelgarde/ January 7, 2022/ SEO

How to choose the perfect SEO Agency in Dublin, Ireland

Ireland has to offer more than 100 agencies in Dublin only. More are developing their business in Cork and Galway. It’s easy to be lost. Especially since SEO is a big word and it’s sometimes unclear what you are paying for. 

Before working for Ohma, most of us were entrepreneurs and/or clients of various marketing services. Many of us have struggled to find an adequate partner to succeed, and some have even acquired skills themselves to meet their market needs. 

This article shares our expertise learned to provide you with the four things you need to consider before choosing your SEO Agency in Dublin.

Every story is personal, so is every business. What works for one brand may not work the same for another. It’s up to you to take what you like in this article, experiment, and adjust according to your needs.

Be niche-specific

Be niche-specific

Most website indexing agencies work with experts who have a clear preference or specific skills in some industries rather than others. Outside of pure choice, it’s hazardous to rely on pure luck to pick your SEO Agency. Having by your side a team that understands the specificities of your business, its language, how your industry works is an asset.

To give you an example, at Ohma, we have built an outstanding reputation for supporting creative entrepreneurs to thrive. We have strong expertise in the industry, which makes us the ideal partner for artists and creators. Our ideal clients are artists, galleries, make-up artists, photographers, architects, antique shops, museums, design and fashion, films, and theatre. We’re good to support websites that need significant traffic, gorgeous interfaces, and a partner that speaks their language. 

On the contrary, as we speak, we have little experience in institutional or governmental websites. And, while we would appreciate the opportunity, there is certainly a more experienced agency in the market for this specific niche.

A great way to start engaging with an SEO Agency in Dublin is to ask them their areas of expertise. In theory, a talented ranking expert can navigate from one industry to the next.

However, these people are rare gems. Most have areas of excellence, and you should team up with the best for your field.

If you wonder what your niche is, this article will help you: How to use Ikigai to Find your Niche and Succeed to position yourself or your business in a competitive marketplace with a 4 Steps Proven Method.

Have your goals clearly defined in the mind

Have your goals clearly defined in mind

Having your head clear on what you want to achieve will save you precious time in the quest for the right SEO agency in Dublin for your needs. Having defined goals will help the advisor get back to you with a clean and well-rounded proposal, but you will save money too.

Organic search rankings is not operating some magic trick to have your website on the first page of Google. It is a slow and steady process. All tactics we put in place are the perfect illustration of Aesop Fable The Hare and the Tortoise. The race is not always to the swift.

It’s up to you to understand your business and open up with your goals to maximize your results. A marketing team will not operate the same way if your business goal is local growth. If you are looking to stabilize, develop in another country, or even sell your company. 

If you don’t share critical information with your chosen SEO agency in Dublin, most will assume that your ultimate goal is to scale up, which is often true. However, it’s your ultimate decision to set up the pace and to evaluate if your organization can match the speed proposed by the SEO agency, or you are at risk of seeing your resources going to waste.

By clearly defining your goal and measuring them, you are putting yourself in a dynamic of controlled growth. And your chosen agency will thank you for it.

Here are some examples of client’s business goals (KPI) we work on: 

Popular KPI Examples
Number of new customers acquired.Sales Growth. …
Website traffic – Lead RatioLeads. …
Social media followersLifetime Value of a Customer (LTV) …
Return on Investment for ad-spend (Online Mkt)Cost of Customer Acquisition (COCA) …
Customer attrition rates.Sales Team Response Time. …
Social media/brand awareness rates.Website Traffic to Website Lead Ratio. …
Online EngagementWebsite Lead to Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) Ratio. …
Blog Post on Website traffic trackingMQL to SQL Ratio
Be clear on your budget and level of implication in the project.

Be clear on your budget and level of implication in the project.

Some agencies will take every part of the SEO in charge; others will only generate backlinks for you. Beware of “we’ll do everything for you” or offers that look too good to be true. Every proposal has to be compared with at least two other potential providers. 

Backlinks only offers are suitable for some companies as they have other collaborators for the different parts of the service. Others are looking to get the complete aspects of web visibility covered by one agency all at once. In both situations the charge of work is different, and prices should be too. 

Search Engine Optimization combines on-page, content, backlinks, and technical SEO to be efficient. It’s essential to share what it is you’re looking for. If you want more details on the four aspects of website optimization, read this article.

Moreover, press releases and public relations have become an essential aspect of visibility. Google algorithm factors a brand presence in the press and social media to estimate the company influence and, therefore, how high it will rank on specific searches. Visibility on search engines 

Be clear on what you are looking for and what your level of implication will be. If you have limited time or skills in-house, a complete package might suit you better. However, an agency can support you on limited budgets by generating backlinks only while regularly engaging with coaching and consulting for on-page and content SEO.

Most businesses balance between external providers and part of the work being done in-house. Agencies are used to collaborate with internal staff. Engage early, share your challenges and difficulties. It is the expert role to assist you in achieving your goals. All industry experts have the same mantra: we are here for you to shine. 

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