Important Facebook Ads Q&A To Improve Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

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Get the answers to the most crucial questions asked about Facebook Ads in this Facebook Ads Q&A article as it explores crucial tactics to improve your marketing efforts.

Important Facebook Ads Q&A To Improve Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Depending on your industry, marketing on Facebook may be a worthwhile effort as it’s currently the most robust social media platform with 2.89 billion active monthly users. With this large user base, coupled with the low cost-per-click, you’re set to produce impressive results from your marketing efforts.

However, despite these factors, some marketers struggle to succeed with the platform due to multiple factors and unanswered questions. Fortunately, this article aims to shed more light on the inquiries and help improve your Facebook marketing.

Let’s begin!

Question #1: How do I correctly target the right audience?

How do I correctly target the right audience - OHma Digital Facebook Marketing

Failing to reach the right people that find your offering valuable results in targeting too broad an audience, resulting in wasted financial resources and a low relevance score. This factor can occur when your target customer is too broad and unspecified or narrow and doesn’t get sufficient click-throughs.

The best option for rectifying this factor is understanding your Buyer Persona, as it reveals the most crucial aspects of your audience plus the correct variable to target them. A buyer persona represents your ideal customer, and it’s based on real data from market research, existing customers, and some educated assumptions.

Creating this requires time, patience, and a curious mind to ask and answer questions that reveal the buyer persona. These questions may include your customer’s:

  • Age
  • Business agenda
  • Industry
  • Gender
  • Source of entertainment
  • Aspirations
  • Location

Remember to be patient and thoroughly research these factors about your target audience before beginning your marketing campaign.

Question #2: How essential is a marketing objective in Facebook Advertising?

How essential is a marketing objective in Facebook Advertising? - Ohma Digital Facebook Marketing

When preparing your Facebook Ads, the first thing to consider besides your Buyer Persona is your Marketing objective. As the name implies, marketing objectives are specific goals that define the product of your marketing efforts, thereby guiding the entire campaign.

In simpler terms, think about what you want your ads to achieve; it could be direct conversion or building an audience. Having no goals will produce little to no tangible results, causing more wasted time and financial resources.

Other marketing objectives can include:

  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic
  • App installs
  • Video engagement
  • Lead generation
  • Conversions
  • Sales
  • Store Visits

Without a clear vision of the end products of your marketing strategy, your efforts will have no true direction and produce no tangible result. Therefore, decide what you wish to accomplish and act according to that desire.

Question #3: What’s the best way to choose my budget parameters?

What's the best way to choose my budget parameters?

Like many social media marketing concepts, choosing the best budget parameters for your Facebook marketing campaign requires experimentation and observation.

Essentially, it’s tricky to predict how far your money will go due to the complicated bidding process. You may bid so low that your Facebook ads rarely appear for substantial results, or you bid too high and waste money on a weak strategy.

We recommend having patience and starting as low as $2 daily and inspecting your ads’ performance over the week. Once you receive sufficient data on what strategy works, you can raise your budget and run your ads properly.

Question #4: Which Facebook ad creative is most effective?

Which Facebook ad creative is most effective_

It’s simple terms, Facebook (ad) creative refers to the format in which you deliver content to the platform’s viewers. These types could include images, text, videos, and GIFs; however, choosing the correct option for your marketing efforts solely depends on your goals and capacity.

For example, if you wish to use videos, ensure you have pristine editing skills coupled with an excellent camera since viewers will rarely interact with poor-quality content.

Nevertheless, the most common Creative used by advertisers on Facebook are images and video, and statistics reveal that pictures account for between 75-90% of Facebook Ads.

Ultimately, picking which creative is best for your Facebook Ads require you to consider factors like:

  • Is this consistent with my Buyer Persona?
  • Is this in line with my brand image?
  • Is the image quality sufficient?
  • What makes this the best option?

*Note: Facebook has a “20% text rule“, which favors ads with fewer characters.

Question #5: How often should I modify my ads?

How often should I modify my ads?

If you’re new to social media marketing, it’s important to regularly change your ads to keep your audience engaged and interested. Failing to follow this instruction results in your target seeing the same content, resulting in a type of numbness called “ad fatigue.”

Ad fatigue happens when your audience is exposed to the same advertising content regularly, resulting in them losing interest and engaging in your ads. Upon exposure to your creative, they instinctively skip the item, thereby reducing your click-through rate (CTR).

Fortunately, with “Frequency,” a Facebook metric, you can see how often people see your ads. Additionally, analysis shows that being exposed to the same advertisement four times more can produce ad fatigue.

Another option for deciding how often you need to modify your Facebook Ads is assessing your click-through rate. Once these numbers begin to fall, it may be time to change your content.

Question #6: How do I discover the average cost per click?

How do I discover the average cost per click_

As previously mentioned, your budget plays a vital role in deciding your marketing efforts and strategy. However, not knowing the average cost-per-click may result in you setting unrealistic expectations and producing poor performance.

Therefore, gauging the benchmark is important for success; unfortunately, the figures change according to the economic situation and dynamics in the market. You can acquire this information from multiple analytical websites that develop helpful figures.

Nevertheless, the best option for knowing how much to spend for your Facebook Ads is to start with low amounts and only raise your budget once you receive sufficient data.

Question #7: What makes a well-designed ad?

What makes a well-designed ad_

Facebook creatives come on in different forms – text, video, GIF, and picture – and failing to make them attractive and engaging results in little to no interaction from your target. So while you need to brand them clearly and make them eye-catching, other factors need to be present.

These include:


Your ad’s goal should be clear to the target on whether it’s there for brand awareness, traffic, or sales. Essentially, your viewers shouldn’t be left confused about what to do.

Optimized for multiple devices:

Facebook users surf the platform with multiple devices like smartphones, PCs, and tablets. Optimizing your content to be visible. To users of these gadgets opens you to more engagement than if you were available to only one group.

20% Text:

As previously mentioned, Facebook favours ads that follow their 20% text rule on images. So essentially, the less text you have on an image, the better; keep it short and straightforward.

What makes a well-designed ad?

If you still desire more assistance with creative, effective ads, consider using the Facebook Creative Hub to create a mockup that is consistent with the points above. Facebook will review every ad you create before it goes live, helping you produce the perfect content.

Question #8: Can I edit my Facebook Ads once they’re live?

Multiple reasons can require you to edit your ads once they’re live, such as mistakes or new information. Fortunately, Facebook allows you to edit and update promotions while they’re running.

To access this feature, sign in to Ads Manager and modify what needs modifications. Keep in mind that each edit will require review and approval from Facebook, which may slow down your marketing plans.

Question #9: What is Facebook Pixel?

What is Facebook Pixel_

As a social media marketer, you may already understand the importance of analytics in business as it helps provide insight to create more effective strategies.

Facebook Pixel is one of such tools as it is a string of codes that you insert into your website to see what Facebook users do on your website. The information is vast, from activities within your site to users’ demographics; it’s a flood of data.

You can retarget prospects that interacted with your website but didn’t purchase your offering or build a new audience consisting of people with similar interests and elements. The possibilities are vast.

Besides analytics, Pixel also lets you create events like registrations, donations, sign-ups, and other events.

Question #10: How long should I run my ads before deciding if it’s working or ineffective?

How long should I run my ads before deciding if it's working or ineffective_

Understanding whether an ad is effective saves you time and resources, and gauging this factor depends on statistics. Typically, it’s best to have around 100-150 clicks before you can make decisions about conversion rates and at least 1000-1500 impressions before making determinations about click-through rates.

Ultimately, paying attention to your analytics and comparing your marketing objective with your current progress will help you decide the most realistic time to run an ad.


Irrespective of your desires, whether you want to grow your email marketing list, make more sales, or create awareness, Facebook ads should be a part of your strategy. Hopefully, the question answered in this article will help fine-tune your marketing efforts and produce your desired result.

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