Businesses who Succeed All Have One Thing in Common: Marketing Automation

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Businesses who Succeed All Have One Thing in Common_ Marketing Automation - Ohma Digital Dublin

As time progresses, businesses develop and adopt new methods to ease operations, and one of these innovations is Marketing Automation. In simple terms, this technology automatically manages marketing operations and multifunctional campaigns across several channels.

Such modern development liberates marketers from executing repetitive tasks, allowing them to tackle more complex issues to pump up profits.

Marketing Automation is an essential tool that most successful brands employ for smoother business operations, with 77% of CMOs using it to increase revenue.

To better understand this technology, this blog aims to explore Digital Automation, how it works, and the revenue-boosting benefit it brings to businesses.

What is Marketing Automation_ Ohma Digital Dublin

What is Marketing Automation?

It’s worth noting that other programs integrate with AI applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Data Platform (CDP) software.

Marketing Automation describes the act of employing software to handle repetitive marketing tasks. This action presents multiple benefits to marketers, especially giving them time to follow up on leads and the liberty to take potential clients through the complex conversion funnel.

These combined tools provide potential clients with personalized content and messages, moving them closer to becoming paying customers. Another function of Digital Intelligence is scheduling messages and automatically responding to customer inquiries.

Essentially, they are ideal for businesses that desire new ways to increase productivity and sales with their large customer database.

How does it Work_ Ohma Digital Dublin

How does it Work?

The complexity of Marketing Automation is impressive, as its ability to leave personalized messages, handle repetitive tasks, and many more raises the question “how does it work?”.

The company first collects customer data through mediums such as emails, app usage, website visits, social media, surveys, and anything of the sort. This information gives the program sufficient resources to create a 360-degree perspective of each customer.

Afterward, the program processes the information and begins streamlining segmentation and targeting processes to pinpoint the correct audience and scale. Once identified, the system tailors a message on each customer’s profile, producing relevant content via social media, emails, web experiences, etc.

This method functions the same whether you have 100 or 100 million customers, making it effective for businesses of different sizes.

Corporate Benefits _ Ohma Digital Dublin

Corporate Benefits

By definition, Marketing Automation presents numerous benefits to companies, as it saves marketers time and energy for other complicated tasks. This section aims to emphasize its revenue-boosting abilities and why they may be worth your while.

Here’s are the top benefits of marketing intelligence:

Improved Customer Experience_Ohma Digital Dublin

Improved Customer Experience

Companies prioritize the customer experience, and Marketing Automation can seamlessly help your business provide this perception. This factor is possible via behavioral triggered messages, which appear to customers when they automatically perform specific actions.

These actions can include abandoning their virtual carts, signing up for emails, or browsing certain products. Coupling behavioral triggered messages with website personalization allows you to create a highly personalized experience for customers.

Essentially, a better and more personalized experience for customers makes more money, and according to reports from Econsultancy, 93% of companies see an increase in conversion rates from personalization.

Increased ROI on Staff Costs _ Ohma Digital Dublin

Increased ROI on Staff Costs

Cutting costs is a practical way for companies to manage expenses and maximize profit, and artificial intelligence helps in this aspect. Essentially, since the program performs all repetitive and straightforward tasks, there is no need to hire additional staff for the job.

This allows you to effectively Streamline your team, cut staff costs, and manage company finances better.

Besides better financial management, streamlining your team allows the remaining staff to focus on more high-impact tasks, ones that offer greater value to your business. Ultimately, you get a better ROI on the money invested in employees.

Allows for Bigger E-mailing Campaigns_Ohma Digtal Dublin

Allows for Bigger E-mailing Campaigns

With Emailing, you’re forced to perform repetitive tasks manually, resulting in you allocating valuable labor to less valuable duties. However, employing Marketing Automation frees your hands to perform larger marketing campaigns, increasing revenues.

The program lets you perform campaigns beyond your current team size since most tasks are handled. Its efficacy even allows you to create multiple strategies, ensuring consistent revenue increase at each buying cycle stage.

It’s also worth noting that sending email campaigns manually is inefficient compared to automation, as each letter is subject to human errors and inaccuracies.

Increased Average Order Value_Ohma Digital Dublin


Increased Average Order Value

Studies reveal that 75% of customers are more likely to buy based on personalized recommendations, indicating its vital contribution to your bottom line. Fortunately, digital intelligence can automatically recommend personalized products to customers, thereby increasing monthly sales.

It’s worth noting that product recommendations are excellent for cross-selling and upselling products via your website or email. Its revenue-boosting ability comes from its ability to entice customers to spend more on each transaction, thereby raising your average order value.

Enabling your Team to Produce More Results _ Ohma Digital Dublin


Enabling your Team to Produce More Results

Besides handling straightforward and repetitive tasks, Marketing Automation possesses a report function that details your campaign’s progress. This feature is common amongst well-made programs as automatic, detailed reports are essential for making progress in advertising.

In other words, your marketing team gets updates on how well your marketing strategy supports your sales funnel, allowing you to deduce which areas need improvement quickly. This tool empowers your team and makes them more effective in their duties.

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value_ Ohma Digital Dublin

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value

While companies aspire to acquire new customers, business experts recommend focusing additional resources on retaining old customers since repeat purchase is vital to boosting profit.

Marketing Automation is effective at helping businesses retain old customers and improving their loyalty, ensuring they spend their lifetime on your brand than competitors.

The software increases lifetime value by automatically requesting feedback and reviews, sending personalized offers, and re-engaging with customers that become distant. These tactics work together to ensure the customer returns to purchase the offering your business presents.

Predicting and Shaping Behaviour _ Ohma Digital

 Predicting and Shaping Behaviour

As previously mentioned, Marketing Automation performs its duties by receiving and assessing the customer data gathered by your company. The program can accurately predict a customer’s actions and decisions thanks to machine learning with this information.

With a 3D view of each customer’s behaviors and preferences, you can accurately determine what new actions your customers will take, thereby encouraging them to spend more.

You can use automation to drive conversions, generate product demand, and increase revenue. It’s an essential tool worth having in your corporate arsenal.

Does your Organization Need Digital Automation_ Ohma Digital Dublin

Does your Organization Need Digital Automation?

Undoubtedly, automation presents multiple crucial advantages to businesses, making processes easier. However, before employing this piece of technology, it’s important to deduce whether you’re ready.

Fortunately, you can find the answer by asking yourself the question below:

Is our current marketing system inadequate?

Automation is most effective for companies that experience rapid growth and need help managing the growth. For example, you need Marketing Automation if you find it difficult to keep up with your email marketing campaign or have data in multiple databases that cannot be consolidated.

What are your goals?

Like acquiring a piece of technology, deduce what you wish to with the item. For example, merely saying “making business processes smoother” is too vague; be specific.

Do you want to improve the quality of leads handed off by marketing to sales or increase revenue by increasing conversion at vital states in re buying circle?

If you can’t specify how you plan to raise your business’s value with Marketing Automation, consider holding back from acquiring the program.

Do we have the skills to operate it?

While navigating a Marketing Automation software is relatively easy, you still need to assess your company to see if you have the capacity to operate one. In addition, you may have to invest in a training course to educate your staff on the program or hire new people to manage the software.

It is easy to use _ Ohma Digital Dublin

Is it easy to use?

Ultimately, these benefits testify of the efficacy AI possesses as a revenue-boosting application. It’s one tool for success that lost a successful business employee, and you can use it as well.

Keep in mind that this program is easy to use and doesn’t require any extensive training to navigate. Essentially, with a few simple clicks, you can control all aspects of your business’s digital marketing strategy.

The program often comes with a drag-and-drop interface with instinctive elements for hassle-free usage. However, ensure your company can accommodate the software and has the skillset to utilize Marketing Automation fully.

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