The ultimate Facebook Ads Manager Tutorial

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The ultimate Facebook Ads Manager Tutorial

Facebook Ads Manager Tutorial : Pixel, Audiences, Power editor and Budgets Experts tips that will change how you do your commercials for ever.

Sponsored posts have little to zero results. Ads Manager is the thing. Yes, there is a minimum to spend; otherwise, you have no chance to get results. If your product or service margins aren’t significant enough, it will cost you instead of generating business for you. 

A Giant Tech Company’s Monopoly

A Giant Tech Company’s Monopoly

Today, in 2021, Facebook and Google cover 61% of the online advertising market. They have designed specifics offers for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. And they are used globally by large corporates. 

Publicity on these mass media is available to businesses in many formats. Adverts can be as straightforward or as sophisticated as marketers want.

The online advertising market is reshaping as we speak. Google and Mark Zuckerberg’s social network regularly update their services. Therefore, the notions, terms, and features we present in this tutorial might not be up to date in a couple of weeks or months. 

We’re doing our best to revise and adapt our content to have this tutorial always up to date. But if you see room for improvement, let us know by emailing the team here!

What to expect in this tutorial? We’ve been learning and experiencing with the team Ohma Digital and what we can say is that product margins matter more than what you may think! 

Facebook Advertising possibilities

Facebook Advertising possibilities

If you’re ready to pay for advertisement, Mark Zuckerberg mass media is the platform with the highest potential. It allows marketers to target audiences through self-serve tools, and it gives them analytics reports that track the performance of each advertisement.

According to stats from Pew Research Center, 70 percent of U.S. Facebook users log on to the platform each day, versus 59 percent on Instagram, 38 percent on Twitter, 27 percent on Pinterest, and 22 percent on LinkedIn.

Its popularity is not decreasing. And Ads Manager is a critical way to connect with the targeted audiences on the world’s largest social network.

The marketing possibilities range from local to global reach. The group owns WhatsApp, Messenger, and, Instagram. You will discover in this Facebook Ads Manager tutorial that when you use the tool, you share your content on several platforms and are visible to maybe the most considerable amount of people worldwide. 

What is Ads Manager_

What is Ads Manager?

The giant tech company offers sponsored options directly actionable from mobile devices. However, the best and most extensive part of your commercials potential lies within the Business tool: Facebook Ads Manager

It is a dashboard created for companies to manage multiple announcements from a single space. Instead of single one-shot sponsored posts, it allows you to handle numerous promotions simultaneously, see the results, adapt, and learn from your previous campaigns.

The options available are far more professional than what you can get from a mobile device purchase on the platforms. This Facebook Ads Manager tutorial will guide you.

When using the dashboard, you can make the most of the many forms and placements of your adverts. The dashboard and offered features are dynamically changing, so it’s not that simple to stay up to date with the latest news and implement them in your campaigns.

It is entirely possible to manage your commercials online via desktop and mobile devices but with limited app features for Android and iOS

Experts tips_ Pixel, power Editor, Audiences and Budget

Experts tips: Pixel, power Editor, Audiences and Budget

What's the Pixel for_

What’s the Pixel for?

First and foremost, to make the most of this Facebook Ads Manager tutorial, you must connect your website with the Facebook Pixel. 

The Pixel will collect information from your website and follow users’ journey once they leave the Facebook platform. The pixel is designed to help target a more suitable audience for your products. It’s here to help you.

It’s the way Facebook communicates with us, the advertisers, based on all the actions on the media non-owned properties. 

Even if you are not running any commercials now, turn the pixel on because that will help you collect data and get you up to run later more powerfully.

Need help to set up your Pixel? Reach out.

What is Power Editor _

What is Power Editor ?

Power editor is a powerful tool for larger businesses, especially large agencies, who need advanced features. It is accessible from the network advertisement dashboard.

Unless you are a large agency employee or corporate worker, start with the traditional version of Ads Manager. There are enough for you there. It’s already a complex tool updated regularly.

One major mistake most marketers make is getting lost in the amount of data, analysis, and table available on the dashboard. Marketing is changing at a rare speed, if you believe you need to know more to be ready, you will never do a single thing.

You just need to start.



Keep it simple.

A broad audience is essential to test if the creative will work or not. 

In this Facebook Ads Manager tutorial, you will see that the platform is doing a massive part of the work for you. The more you use the platform and test your promos, the better it will understand your audience with its algorithm. 

The trick here is to start as broad as possible when you test one creative and then narrow it down as you go. Better to try one or two adverts at first and scale up once they respond to the platform. 

If the test ad set and creative works on a broad audience, the configuration is correct. The initial test works best when done on a general audience and will tell you if you are in a suitable space with your ad.

Segmenting your audience is unnecessary unless you want to use specific creatives for each audience.  Early segmentation is valid only when you need to go specific because the visuals do not work on different platforms.

How much should I spend per month_

How much should I spend per month?

At first, the best is to work with a budget that will allow you to see if the creative works. If your budget is too low, the company algorithm will only start testing your ad, and insights might not be significant enough to draw conclusions or results.

Not spending enough money on ads is one of the top reasons people don’t get the results they want. Narrowing down the budget limits the results or even damages the efforts spent. 

Put enough budget. Not too much, enough. The algorithm needs as much data as possible. Keep your promos running and learn how to optimize them.

The industry guru is without a doubt Nick Shackelford. He helped countless businesses on Facebook commercials and his expertise is priceless. Additionally, in a collaboration with Foundr, he made it easy for us to understand.

Watch Nick Shackelford Build An Advertising Funnel In Under 30 Minutes

During the tutorial, Nick shared a proven ad creative framework that will help you to evaluate your investment so far and also your budget possibilities.

Find Out Nick’s Proven Ad Creative Framework To Make Profitable Commercials

Since then, at Ohma Digital, we use Nick’s fantastic money calculator template to help our clients get results. Thanks, Nick & Founder!

How run powerful Ads_

How run powerful Ads? 

Short answer: it takes two variables

  • The way you use the platform
  • Quality of your ad creative and copy
How to use the platform

How to use the platform

Everybody is on Facebook. Large corporate are using the same tools that are available to you today. The fantastic support team made it easy and accessible even for small businesses. They made it simple, easy to follow, and replicable. Big names and brands became who they are today because they used the same technics you shared in this tutorial. 

There are three advert sets you want to operate : 

  • Prospecting

As we said earlier, use a broad audience and let the algorithm run its course. When let enough time and budget, results will show.

  • Reengagement 

Use your audience there. Target people who follow and engage with your brand but are not purchasers yet. It can be followers on Instagram or likes of your page. These people are waiting for you to help them act on your website. You include the audience’s “Facebook Engagers” “Instagram Engagers” in the past 365 days.

It’s a good idea to exclude from the segmentation the people who already bought a product or service from your website; it’s called “Past Purchasers.” 

  • Remarketing 

Remarketing is another fascinating aspect. You are exclusively targeting people who drop from the cart page on your website. 

It is mandatory to exclude from the segmentation the people who already bought a product or service from your website, “Past Purchasers.” 

You want to target the people who hit the collection page but left without completing the purchase. Something like 14 days of retargeting is a good duration for most audiences. 

Quality of your ad creative and copy

Quality of your ad creative and copy

Your creative is the visual that illustrate your text: the copy.

Start with the copy, add the creative afterward.

  • Prospecting

Light, keep it simple, descriptive, with the end-user in mind.

“Top winter hoodies – New designs”

  • Reengagement 

What is the problem you are solving? What are the pain points? 

“Sensitive skin? Try this cream and shine again.”

  • Remarketing 

Focus on sales conversion. Appeal to urgency and scarcity.

“Only 2 left in stocks… Order now”

Multiple opportunities increase your chances to succeed with at least one creative. It’s good to have various creatives because it will show to different people or the same people several times. The more, the better. 

We don’t remember much the commercials we see daily on platforms. Our brains have been used to this kind of exposure, and there is no such thing as too much. 

Video commercials are always better than image adverts; they retain people’s attention better. Content is critical, depending on where you are in the buyer decision process. The right advert might speak to different consumers; you must test them all. 

Don’t overuse the same generic message to all of your target personas. It’s okay for someone to see three announcements from your brand but, why should they see three times see the same announcement? Make it digestible for them. They see it as separate pieces of content. 

3 essential things to know about Facebook Ads

3 essential things to know about Facebook Ads

Don’t expect your commercials to be immediately profitable. The process starts by running an ad, testing, learning for it, and adjusting until we get the right thing for your business. It takes time.

Creatives don’t have to be perfect or even beautiful to work. You don’t have to invest in expensive custom content.

It is maybe not for you have enough customers. If you are a stable business and don’t seek to grow or understand your margin, maybe Facebook is not for you. There are other digital and non-digital alternatives to advertise your business.

If your product or service margins aren’t significant enough, Facebook Ads will cost you instead of generating business for you. It’s not for every business model.

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Thank you for reading this tutorial. We hope it helped you with this Facebook Ads Manager tutorial. If you want to know if advertising on it is suitable for your business, we will be happy to test your margins. Reach out. We have talented professionals dedicated to supporting our customers in their journey with marketing and promotion on social media. 

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