How To Be In The Top 3 Ranking Websites On Google Search Results?

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How To Be In The Top 3 Ranking Websites On Google Search Results -Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Dublin1

Visibility and traffic are among the core fundamental elements of any business success and with thousands of brands offering the same products or service, ranking at the top of the search engine results page becomes harder to achieve without proper setups. After helping numerous businesses appear on the top page of Google’s search results page at Ohma Digital, we have put down a case study to help you find out how your business can gain massive visibility by being ranked in Google.

In this article, you will discover how we helped The Black Hat Tattoo rank and be on top of google’s search page and how your business can be among the 3% that is always ranked on google, and how you can appear first for the keywords related to your niche.

Ranking your company on Google or other search engines involves different steps - Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Dublin2

Ready? Let’s go!

Ranking your company on Google or other search engines involves different steps. We have broken down 5 of the major steps below.

4 Steps In Ranking Your Website On Google

How To Be In The Top 3 Ranking Websites On Google Search Results -Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Dublin

Visibility is the lifeblood of any business. If your potential customers cannot find you, you are already running out of business, and one of the most effective ways of being visible is having your name appear on Google’s top page. When you want to gain visibility and ranks, follow these 4 simple steps below:

Website Audit

Website audit refers to the act of analyzing the page-to-page rendition and performance of a website before performing a search engine optimization on the site. It’s a way to evaluate your visibility and to determine whether it is optimized or not. It also allows you to spot the imperfections in your SEO, assess conversion and lead generation rate, and also help you compare with your competitors. Performing a site audit helps makes optimization smooth and effective on your website.

Google Analytics Set-up

The next step to ranking your site is to set up Google Analytics. This is a free web analytics service that gives you access to statistics and tools to track your performance and collect insights that help you evaluate your traffic at any time.

Content Strategy & Implementation

At the core of every ranked website is a good content strategy. A content strategy refers to the definite plan and form of content in which you want to grow your brand e.g written, audio, and/or visual content. Your content strategy helps you create detailed and well-targeted content that will keep your audience engaged with your brand. Executing your content strategy positions your business to be ranked.

Ongoing SEO and Backlinks

The next steps include continuously optimizing your website with SEO and using backlinks to establish your business as an authority. A backlink is a content from another website pointing to your domain. It is a form of rank voting which Google utilizes to determine the websites that should be shown first on search results.

Backlinking is by far, one of the most effective ways to signal to Google that you are an authority in your field.

How to Become An Authority In Your Field

Becoming an authority in your field is a sure way to position your brand for success. Google ranks websites that are perceived to be authorities in their respective field.

How to Become An Authority In Your Field - Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Dublin5

One of the most effective ways of becoming an authority in your field is to be visible.

“Visibility is everything”

One key component of every ranked website on Google is visibility. To be visible, You need to generate massive traffic and appear on all search queries related to your niche because more online traffic means more potential customers.

Appearing on search queries with keywords related to your field can only be achieved through SEO.

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The top ranking domains are authorities in their field because ranking your brand on Google’s top search results is majorly dependent on the optimization on the content of your website.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is improving your website to increase the probability of your site being among the top search results that pop up when people search for products, services, or keywords related to your business on Google, Bing, or any other search engine. It’s a way of increasing the visibility of your business and getting much more quality and quantity of traffic organically through search engines without making use of Ads. There are different components of SEO. One of them is site architecture.

What is SEO? - Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Dublin6

Your website architecture is foundational. It is the structure that organizes and distributes the content of your site. Optimizing your site is made a lot easier when you use an SEO-friendly site architecture.

What Is SEO Friendly Architecture?

This refers to the rate at which the search engine bots can easily crawl your website.

An SEO-friendly architecture is understandable for Google bots to crawl.

A poorly organized structure can cause you to lose customers and reduce the traffic generated to your site because of the difficulty in crawling and indexing your website by search engines.

There are some basic rules to follow to facilitate the indexing of your web pages.

Some Best Practices for An SEO Friendly Architecture

SEO-friendly site architectures help web pages communicate with Google easily and can facilitate the ranking of your site. Follow these techniques to develop a site architecture that will help your business rank on Google:

Use an URL structure friendly

Your site URL has a significant impact on the SEO of your website because Google and other search engine bots that crawl through pages prefer short and simple page URLs.

Develop and use a sitemap

Sitemaps make it easier for search engines to understand the structure of your pages and also make it easier to find the content that is displayed on your site. It also improves the accessibility of your domain.

Make your site user-friendly

Another important factor is your user experience. Most search engines usually prioritize, display, or rank sites with a good user experience or user-friendliness to the top of their SERP.

A user-friendly website has minimal page load time, is secure, and is mobile-friendly.

Should I Go with Organic or Paid Search?

If you are confused on whether to go for paid search or organic, it is recommended you apply both ways. They are both great ways to generate traffic. While SEO takes some time to implement and requires professionals like Ohma Digital, Paid search may guarantee instant results for a paid amount of time and is sometimes costly.

Greater results are often a combination of direct paid marketing and organic optimization.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

How Long Does it Take to See Results? - Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Dublin7

With our Full package, you can start seeing changes in your site appearance and visibility after a while, and your website is guaranteed to be ranked after 3 to 6 months of ongoing SEO work. However, there are also certain factors that may hasten or slow down the process. They include site authority, quality of content, site architecture, and keywords priority.

Ohma Proposal for The Black Hat

Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Dublin8
Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Dublin9

We helped a tattoo parlour in Dublin, to rank among the top 3% search results in Google for keywords related to their field through our Full SEO Package and Digital Content Creation.

Ranking in search engines requires setting up a good strategy. SEO strategy refers to the process of ordering and organizing the content of your site to increase the probability of your business appearing in search results. There are steps to set up an effective strategy.

Audit and Recommendations

Audit and Recommendations -Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Dublin10

At Ohma Digital, we help you set achievable goals for your SEO strategy to succeed by answering the following questions:

  • Does the traffic reflect your top three business priorities in the coming months/years?
  • What do users find on your site?
  • How do they use the content?
  • Do you have a content strategy? Is it working?

Answering these questions successfully will help you establish a good strategy that’ll increase your chance of being ranked. A good strategy makes SEO effective.

The Four Aspects of Good SEO

The Four Aspects of Good SEO - Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Dublin

To achieve maximum results, these following aspects must be taken to account to fully optimize your website. They include:

  • Technical
  • Content
  • On-Page
  • Off-Page

Technical SEO

A well-rounded Technical SEO ensures that the website runs properly without technical issues, including the structure.

Technical SEO - Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Dublin12

Slow loading pages, broken links, or your website speed impact your ranking results negatively. At Ohma Digital, We check the quality of your site on both mobile and desktop devices. We run this check regularly to watch out for potential new bugs and ensure your website’s findability and readability by the search engines.

Content Optimization

Content optimization refers to the overall process of creating content and making sure they reach the largest possible audience in an engaging way.

Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Dublin13

Optimizing your content requires some factors, which include:

Quality Over Quantity

The quality of your content determines whether Google or other search engines will prioritize your domain or not. Creating quality content on your site signals google that your website is genuine and valid.

Great content starts with matching your web pages with your company mission and values.

Keywords Analysis

This involves an in-depth analysis of the topics and keywords the website is built around. Search engines use keywords typed in by users to display the relevant pages to that keyword. To increase your chance of ranking on Google’s top page, the keywords that are associated with your business should be carefully analyzed in order to produce the best result. Ideally, keywords should be longer with less difficulty.

At Ohma Digital, we help you analyze and set up keywords that help your business rank on Google.

Type of Content

The type of content on your website is also fundamental to the visibility of your site in search engines. To achieve maximum results, the use of blog posts are a must-have in your website. Videos are also a great addition to service or product pages.

In addition to videos, Infographics also do wonders to simplify complex concepts and make your website page rank high on visual content.

Podcasts, Whitepapers, and Ebooks display free actionable content that helps you gain visibility generating links from external sources.


On-Page is slightly different from Technical optimization.

We are talking about keywords, the user experience of the pages, and the overall website’s ease of use.

On-Page is slightly different from Technical optimization. - Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Dublin14

We ensure each page responds to a unique purpose and is optimized to rank best for that intent.

We check headings, title tags, text length, internal linking, relevant words, short and long-tail keywords, and so on.


Ranking Top on Google search requires building authority for your website. Links to different pages are essential to developing strong, long-lasting rankings.

Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Dublin15

Off-Page SEO is the hardest part of for a manager. Links must be from qualitative resources to impact your visibility positively.

What does a great Off-Page strategy look like?

  • It starts with linkable unique qualitative content
  • Develop these topics: extend or repurpose
  • Publish regularly
  • Seek Link-Building opportunities

Monthly Reports

We also deliver Custom-made reports that are useful for you and your business to help you grow and expand your business just like we delivered to our client, The Black Hat Tattoo.

Monthly Reports - Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Dublin16


Here are some of the results we achieved for The Black Hat Tattoo.

  • We helpedour client to rank in the top 2 google results for “Tattoo Dublin”
  • They became the first PAA (People Also Ask) SERP Results
  • 80% of their traffic is now coming from organic search
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Do you want your company to rank among the top 3% ranking websites on the Google search result page?

Contact us at Ohma Digital today!

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