What you need to know about Brand Aesthetic and Logo.

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Building a successful brand aesthetic and identity is key to any business success. With over 300,000,000 brands competing to have the market, creating and maintaining a great connection with your audience is the only way to acquire new and retain your old customers.

In this article, we will go over all you need to know about building effective and strong brand aesthetics, logo, and brand identity.

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What is Brand Aesthetic, Logo, and Brand Identity?

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Brand Aesthetics

Brand aesthetics is one of the core design principles that indicates the visual elements or overall appearance of a brand.

Brand aesthetics comprises different design components such as color, scale, balance, shape, movement, pattern, and visual weight which demonstrates the tone, mood, style, and personality of your brand. It ensures consistency in your brand elements and also conveys your brand message. It also refers to the entire vibe associated with your brand and goes a long way to determine how your customers and audience engage with your brand.

Is having a good brand aesthetic worth it?

There are countless advantages of having a strong brand aesthetic.  A good brand aesthetic helps your audience to easily connect with your brand. It makes your brand more recognizable and familiar to your audience. It also streamlines the kind of content you push out and helps you stand out from your competitors.

Benefits of having good brand aesthetics

  • It makes you stand out as unique from the crowd

Having a unique and powerful brand aesthetics helps your brand stand out from the crowd with a unique voice and message. It enables you to be easily identified even in the midst of so much noise.

Having a good and unique brand aesthetic also positions your brand as creative and innovative and pushes you to the forefront.

  • It establishes consistency and uniformity

Your brand aesthetics helps your brand to maintain consistency by aligning your brand message, tone, color, shape, style, and personality in all your marketing and social channels and enables your audience to easily identify your brand.

It also helps to convey your brand’s core message regardless of the platform in use.

  • It prevents brand confusion

Your unique brand aesthetic helps your brand avoid conflicting with other brands or creating confusion in the way your audience perceives your brand. It helps your users to understand your core message and what your brand stands for.

Brand Identity

Why do I need a Strong Brand Identity - Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Branding Dublin

What is a brand identity?

Brand identity indicates the visual elements and components of your brand which includes your brand logo, design, and color. It refers to the collection of all the visible aspects of your brand that creates the right perception of what you stand for in the minds of your audience.

Your brand identity is responsible for establishing a deep connection between your brand and your customers by showing them how to think of and perceive your brand. It also facilitates the building of customer loyalty.

Brand Logo

One of the most outstanding elements of your brand identity is your brand logo. A brand logo is a visual element representing what your business is all about. Your logo is what your brand is first easily identified with. A brand logo can be a symbol, styled name, drawing, graphic mark, or a combination of all.

Your logo is a dominant part of your brand identity that helps you create the right impression on your customers and at the same time helps them associate your brand with your product or service.

Why do I need a strong brand Identity?

Creating a strong brand identity is indispensable in building a strong brand. Below are some of the reasons you’ll need a strong brand identity.

  • It brings visibility and awareness

Without a strong brand identity, your audience will hardly recognize your brand. Statistics show that 60% of people only patronize the brands they are familiar with and your brand can only get familiar with your audience with a strong brand identity. Creating a strong brand identity also ensures that your brand is at the forefront of your industry making more contact with more customers and increasing your brand awareness.

  • It builds customer loyalty

Your brand identity facilitates a connection between your brand and your audience and can help you build customer loyalty. It leads to trust and also helps you establish a relationship with your audience.

  • It helps increase your revenue

The stronger the brand identity, the more your audience is connected with you and thus increases your user engagement. Your brand identity positions you and your brand as reliable thereby boosting your brand engagements and sales.

Your Brand Aesthetic - Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Branding Dublin

How to define your brand aesthetics

Having a good brand aesthetic helps you stand out as unique and grabs attention to your brand. Let’s look at how you can define your brand aesthetic and stand out.

Understand your business and recognize its audience

Your brand identity can help you understand and streamline your brand to a particular audience persona. This will enable you to create an aesthetic that aligns your business and your audience.

Some key questions that can help you understand your brand and audience include:

  • What is the desired tone and personality of our brand? (e.g serious, cheerful, energetic, adventurous, etc)
  • What is our brand value?
  • What is our core message?
  • Who is our ideal customer?

Get inspiration and insight from brands that are existing already

Regardless of your industry, several brands are already existing from which you can draw inspiration. Once you are certain of your brand identity, you can check out your potential competitor’s profiles and their various brand aesthetics which can inspire your brand on defining and creating your own unique brand aesthetics.

What to look out for while seeking inspiration from other brands include:

  • Colors and color pallets that stand out
  • Shapes and styles
  • Fonts and typography
  • Designs that caught your attention and the emotion it evokes

Finding an aesthetic that grabs your attention can help inspire you to create your own.

Choose the right color palette that communicated your brand message and values

Colors evoke emotions and feelings and are very effective in branding. Using the right color can position your brand for success as quickly as using the wrong colors can ruin your brand.

Color Scheme

Color Scheme - Branding Agency Dublin - Ohma Digital

Different colors convey different meanings and different messages. Choosing the right color scheme for your brand is fundamental in building a strong emotional connection with your audience.

Below are the different colors and their meaning:


Orange often depicts Arousal, Excitement, and Fun


Yellow indicates Happiness, Excitement, Summer, and Arousal

Yellow Logos - Ohma Digital Agency Branding Dublin


Red is usually associated with Attractiveness, Sexual Desire, Arousal, and Excitement

Red Logos - Ohma Digital Agency Branding Dublin


This often means Sophistication, Charm, Glamour, Femininity, and Calm


Blue signifies Calm, Comfort, Efficiency, Low anxiety, and Competence

Blue Logos - Ohma Digital Agency Branding Dublin


Black indicates Defiance, Strength, Fashionableness, and Despondency


Green color is associated with Relaxation, Comfort, Ruggedness, and Masculinity



Shapes - Logo - Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Branding Dublin

The shape utilized in your brand logo is a key element of brand identity. It conveys meanings just like your logo color and can help position your brand for success. Some of the most popular shapes used in brand logo include the following:


Round shapes convey a strong sense of unity and community. They are soft and feel inviting and stable. Reassuring and kind.

Circle Logos - Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Branding Dublin


Energy, courage, safety are the keywords of triangular shapes. Triangles are famous among innovative companies focused on the male or youth audience.

Triangle Logos - Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Branding Dublin


Rectangles are symbols of order, confidence, and stability. Straight lines and corners are resonant of structures related to safety and security.

Rectangle Logos - Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Branding Dublin


Fonts and Typography

Font and Typography Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Branding Dublin

Your brand font and typography comprise a large part of your brand identity. It also conveys your brand values and brand tone. Your font and typography give your brand a meaning, define the way people experience your brand and also build your brand perception.

Defining your brand font and typography

To effectively define your brand typography and font, the following questions would help inspire you to create a strong perception of your brand to your audience through a good brand font and typography

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Is your brand more casual or formal? Does it spread freshness and spontaneity or efficiency, status, and performance?


Is your brand using softness with colors and sizes for low visual contrast, or creating bold statements and generating tension with high contrast?


Is your brand leaning toward more organic or geometric shapes?

Case Study: Ohma Logo

Case Study - Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Branding Dublin

Ohma Digital Values

At the core of our brand lies these fundamental brand values that drive us towards delivering outstanding digital solutions.

Ohma Digital Values - Marketing Agency Branding Dublin


We value independent initiatives. Thinking out of the box is the best base for innovation and improvement.


We set ambitious goals and we achieve them.


We select our team members among people with high potential who have both excellent people skills and undeniable talent.


Practice makes perfect, and we thrive to constantly improve our methods and services.

Ohma Logo & Logo Pitch

Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Branding Dublin

The logo combines the initials O+D of the brand Ohma Digital in a single, dynamic design.
The red color chosen by the company is an attractive, energetic, and intense color used to demonstrate the powerful impact of a communication agency. Ohma Digital can use the logo with or without the baseline.

Ohma Digital - Marketing Agency Branding Dublin
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