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The success of any fashion brand depends on how well it is promoted. Nowadays, with the expansion in the e-commerce industry, standing out amidst the competition depends on many factors such as reaching as many customers as possible, marketing, and advertising your brand effectively.

In this article, we will walk you through a case study on how we helped BLK Inks Fashion brand stand out and how you, too, can promote your clothing brand online.

Let’s dive deep into the key factors that come into play when promoting your fashion brand online.

3 Ways To Promote Your Clothing Brand Online

Promoting your clothing brand is all about having the right strategy and focusing on what works. Below are five ways in which you can promote your fashion brand online.

1. Create a brand image

Brand image refers to your customers or audience’s overall perception and impressions of your brand. It is simply how your customers feel about your brand.

Your brand image helps your audience identify and distinguish your brand from the crowd. In addition, creating a strong brand image helps you build credibility and customer loyalty.

Steps To Creating A Strong Brand Image

  • Identify your target audience.
  • Recognize the needs of your audience.
  • Determine the value proposition of your clothing brand.
  • Create your brand identity based on your value proposition.
  • Plan a marketing campaign that communicates your brand values.
  • Be consistent in your brand identity

2. Utilize Social Media

Nowadays, social media has proven to be one of the most important tools for promoting a clothing brand. Research has shown that an average person spends at least 2hrs per day on social media.

Social media marketing can help you attract customers to your brand, build loyalty and drive sales. In addition, it is significant in making your brand more visible and getting customer feedback on your clothing brand.

4 Tips for Promoting your brand with social media

  • Create a marketing plan
  • Identify the social media platform that suits your business
  • Use hashtags
  • Be consistent

3. Have an optimized website

Having a website with a great look, feel, and functionality is inevitable to reach a wider audience. In addition, a website adds to your brand’s credibility.

4 Benefits of having a website for your clothing brand

  • It amplifies your brand voice
  • It helps you reach more customers
  • It helps you make more sales
  • It helps your brand stay relevant

Case Study: How Ohma Digital promoted BLK Ink Fashion with brand marketing

Company Overview: BLK Ink is a clothing brand that creates and delivers elegant apparel that helps individuals stand out artistically.

3 Ways To Promote Your Clothing Brand Online - Ohma Digital

In their words, “We are a creative lifestyle apparel brand made by artists for free-spirited people. We embrace diversity and help redefine beauty, daring to think outside the box. At black Ink apparel, we design clothes that unleash creativity – for you, for us, for all.”

BLK ink needed to stand out from the crowd in the fashion industry, and they approached Ohma Digital with the following goals:

  • First, to promote and protect the diversity of the Tattoo Arts & Culture.
  • To create, Establish and Grow a Tattoo Lifestyle Clothing Brand.
BLK ink needed to stand out from the crowd in the fashion industry, and they approached Ohma Digital with the following goals

BLK ink needed to stand out from the crowd in the fashion industry, and they approached Ohma Digital with the following goals.

To achieve this set of goals, they needed firsthand brand promotion, where Ohma Digital comes in.

At Ohma Digital, we roll out effective strategies to dominate the online market and help you promote your brand.

Here are the three steps we followed in promoting the BLK Ink brand - Ohma Digital

Here are the three steps we followed in promoting the BLK Ink brand:

  • Understand the BLK Ink Audience
  • Create A Stunning Brand Image
  • Create & Distribute Content

Understand BLK Ink Audience

To effectively run a marketing campaign, the first step is to understand your audience. We carefully researched the audience of BLK Ink through the following three strategies:

Understand BLK Ink Audience - Ohma Digital

Audience Audit & Audience Personas

In this step, we research the specific target audience of the brand and discover relevant details that will aid the brand’s promotion. To identify relevant details of a brand’s target audience, we ask the following questions:

  • Who are they, where do they live, age, marital status, how many children, and their income level?
  • What motivates them?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • How do they interact with products, services, and brands digitally?
  • How do they seek information to solve their problems?
  • What content compels them to purchase

These questions help identify the specific audience to target and make brand marketing more effective.

Audit Brand Voice & Tone

In this step, we critically analyze the brand voice and tone. Brand tone refers to how a brand communicates with its audience. The lack of a clear and definite brand tone leads to brand confusion which often hinders the promotion of any brand.

Audit Brand Voice & Tone - Ohma Digital

People relate to people, and if your brand resonates with what people like, they are likely to accept your brand.

Our audit results for BLK Ink were aggregated in a single document:  Brand Voice & Tone Guidelines.

These results help content creators understand what the brand Blk Ink could say on the media channels.

Results - Ohma Digital

Market Research & Netnography

Market research is a deep inquiry into what your audience does online. Good market research helps know the specific area to channel your marketing strategies.

Market Research - Ohma Digital

The following questions help in identifying the activities of your audience online.

  • What Channels is your audience using?
  • What are they saying, and how (exact words)?
  • What accounts are they following?
  • What specific competitors are they following?
  • What hashtags and tags are they using?
  • What are they commenting on?
  • What brand Voice, Tone, and Theme do they appreciate the most?

Carefully answering these questions helps your marketing become effective.

Create A Stunning Brand Image

Brand image is a customer’s overall perception of a business or brand. People love to buy from brands they trust and perceive as trustworthy. A stunning brand image helps your brand gain the trust of your audience.

Create A Stunning Brand Image - Ohma Digital

Your brand image is responsible for establishing a deep connection between your brand and your customers by showing them how to think of and perceive your brand. It also facilitates the building of customer loyalty.

Two key elements of a brand image are:

  • Brand logo
  • Brand aesthetics.

Brand Logo

One of the most outstanding elements of your brand identity is your brand logo. A brand logo is a visual element representing what your business is all about. Your logo is what your brand is first easily identified with. A brand logo can be a symbol, styled name, drawing, graphic mark, or all.

Your logo is a dominant part of your brand identity that helps you create the right impression on your customers and, at the same time, helps them associate your brand with your product or service.

Brand Aesthetics

Brand aesthetics is one of the core design principles that indicates the visual elements or overall appearance of a brand.

Brand aesthetics comprises different design components such as color, scale, balance,  shape, movement, pattern, and visual weight, which demonstrate your brand’s tone, mood, style, and personality. It ensures consistency in your brand elements and also conveys your brand message. It also refers to the entire vibe associated with your brand and goes a long way to determine how your customers and audience engagement with your brand.

Brand Aesthetics - Ohma Digital

Your unique brand aesthetic helps your brand avoid conflicting with other brands or creating confusion in how your audience perceives your brand. It helps your users understand your core message and what your brand stands for.

Based on the brand aesthetic audit we conducted for Blk Ink, their logo proposal was straightforward and validated by them after the first round. The logo is Bold and black and is inspired by the tattoo culture.

Create & Distribute content

The third strategy we employed in promoting the BLK Ink brand is creating and distributing content.

Attracting, engaging, and retaining an audience online is done through creating and sharing relevant content.

How To Promote A Fashion Brand Through Content

  • Photoshoots

Creative photoshoots help reinforce your brand image to your audience and convey the brand message.

Photoshoots - Ohma Digital
  • Create visual and text content for social media

Social media is one of the most effective tools for promoting a fashion brand. Creating visual and text content helps your audience engage and interact with your brand. What is a Good Content Strategy (and why it is important)?

create visual and text content for social media - Ohma Digital
  • Social Media Management

Analyzing your social media audience and rolling out targeted strategies for brand promotion is the main function of social media management, and it helps in developing marketing strategies.

Social Media Management - Ohma Digital
  • E-Commerce Website

Having an eCommerce website for your fashion brand helps you build customer loyalty and credibility and makes you more accessible.

  • Marketing Email Automation

Automated email marketing helps you send the right emails at the right time to your audience without hassle. It enables your brand to always be in touch with your customers. How to get more email subscribers? Use the Newsletter Success Circle to get more email subscribers.

E-Commerce Website - OHma Digital
  • Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing helps you promote your brand through recommendations from an existing brand with a large audience. This helps your brand build credibility.

 Marketing - Ohma Digital

At Ohma Digital, we help brands stand out and dominate the market. Want to scale your business or brand online? Contact Us Today.

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