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Social Media Content Calendar For Tattoo Artists

As a professional tattoo artist with an online presence, you regularly post photos and videos on Instagram, Facebook, your website, and possibly YouTube. However, if you post this valuable content sporadically, with no plan guiding your action, you miss out on a crucial opportunity to improve your business.

A tattoo artist social media content calendar is a better alternative to posting whenever inspired because it allows you to strategize, remain consistent, and improve your brand awareness via the internet.

This article aims to provide practical information on creating a tattoo artist social media calendar and other vital features of the concept. Let’s begin!

What is a Social Media Content Calendar?

What is a Social Media Content Calendar_

A social media calendar is an overview of future content on your social media page. You can format the activities in Google calendar, a spreadsheet, or an interactive dashboard.

To make a social media calendar, the content must contain specific fundamental elements, which include:

  • The date and time for going live
  • The social media platform and account for publishing
  • Type of content to post (photos, text, videos, etc.)
  • Tags and links to include in each post.

*Note: A tattoo artist social media content calendar is a form of content marketing and should be considered part of your marketing campaign.

Benefits of a Tattoo Artist Social Media Content Calendar

Benefits of a Tattoo Artist Social Media Content Calendar

Employing a social media content calendar presents several benefits that maximize efficiency, save you time, and help avoid costly mistakes. Here are some invaluable benefits of using a social media content calendar:

1.   Consistent content posting:

Consistency plays a massive role in becoming successful online as the algorithm uses this factor to increase your visibility. Additionally, posting regularly allows your followers and fans to know what to expect and when.

With a content calendar, you have a frame to work with, allowing you to schedule posts in advance and stick to them religiously. In addition, you have a list of content types on queue and ready to go.

Furthermore, a content calendar compels you to post your tattoos and related content at the optimal times, keeping your brand fresh and relevant to your audience.

2.   Keeps you organized:

Running a tattoo business is sometimes demanding, causing you to lose track of posting schedules or only upload content only at your convenience.

Fortunately, a tattoo artist social media content calendar lets you plan ahead of time, batch your work, avoid multitasking, and make future content changes when new ideas arise.

Additionally, planning your content before the upload date frees up time to use on other high-value activities like campaign brainstorming, strategic planning, and anything else.

3.   Avoid costly mistakes:

Being the manager of a tattoo business means several business-related activities occupy your time, and reviewing your social media posts isn’t as big a priority.

This factor can lead to mistakes in your copy, posts, captions, etc., thereby weakening its efficacy; fortunately, planning your posts helps prevent such problems.

Before going live, you dedicate time to thoroughly fact-check your claims, edit your copy, or revise content with organizational stakeholders. It’s an effective way to avoid embarrassing or minor typographical errors in your texts.

4.   Identify opportunities and partnerships.

While creating a content calendar helps properly time when and how to upload content to your various social media platforms, planning also gives you time to brainstorm opportunities with partners and other brands.

Influences and bloggers have their calendar for the year, which you can access on their media kits. This process allows you to create partnerships with these individuals, boosting your business.

How to Create a Tattoo Artist Social Media Content Calendar

How to Create a Tattoo Artist Social Media Content Calendar

With the previously mentioned benefits of planning your content, it’s time to outline the key elements of creating a tattoo artist social media content calendar. These include:

1. Inspect your accounts and content

Before drafting your social media content calendar, first, assess your existing business social media accounts to get a clear picture of each profile. You should create an up-to-date record consisting of:

  • Your audience, demographics, and personas
  • Outdated profiles and fake accounts
  • Account security
  • Your most successful posts, tactics, and campaigns
  • Metrics for measuring success on each social media platform
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Underwhelming results.

*Note: While scanning your profiles, look at your analytics for clues on how your posting frequency affected conversions and engagement.

2. Choose your social channels and kind of content

After inspecting your different profiles, pick the ones you wish to update regularly and what type of content will appear on the account. Essentially, do you wish to post more videos of you making tattoos or pictures with captions briefly narrating the process?

It’s worth noting that there are several formulas for mixing content types to produce more results. For example:

?      Rule of third:

  • One-third of your content should promote your business.
    • One-third of your posts share content from industry leaders.
    • One-third of your social posts involve interaction with your followers and fans.

?      The 80-20 rule:

  • 80 percent of your posts should either inform, educate, or entertain
    • 20 percent of your posts should promote your business

Consider using user-generated and curated content to avoid getting overwhelmed because you create everything yourself.

3. Construct your social media calendar

It’s not recommended to copy other tattoo artists’ social media content calendars as most of them are unique. For example, a big tattoo business will have a more robust calendar of activities than a smaller establishment.

To maximize your audience, skills, experience, and opportunity, you need to create a calendar containing information and functions that are most important to you. Generally, your overview plan must contain the following basic details:

  • Platform name
  • Time (and time zone)
  • Date
  • Types of content (video, pictures, text, gif, etc.)
  • Link to assets

Once you have these basic factors down, you can include more advanced details like whether to use live steam, reels, feed post, etc., or target a particular location with your content (Europe, Japan, etc.).

4. Review the social media calendar

Once you’ve gotten the previous steps sorted out, take a break and come back to review the finished calendar. If you work with a team, have them inspect the work and see whether it’s realistic, effective, and doable.

If their feedback indicates that it’s demanding or unrealistic, you can remove some unnecessary detail and work within your or your team’s capacity. Sometimes, you may need to add more information to your calendar to capitalize on your abilities and audience fully.

*Note: Ensure each detail is easy to understand to avoid confusion during future implementations.

5. Gather your content

When creating your tattoo artist social media content calendar, you most likely don’t have the content you wish to upload on your social media. Therefore, you need to begin researching or producing the videos, pictures, tutorials, etc., before the date arrives.

Gathering this content will take some effort and a lot of discipline; nevertheless, following through provides value to your followers and increases revenue for your business.

Use a Content Calendar Tool

Use a Content Calendar Tool

You don’t need a sophisticated program to create your tattoo artist social media content calendar as multiple everyday software comes with functions for completing such tasks. You can also use this to manage and collaborate with your team; however, the size of your team may require a more dedicated application.

Nevertheless, here are some social media content calendar tools that may be worth your while:

  • Microsoft Excel: Microsoft’s official spreadsheets are ideal for creating a content calendar while permitting collaboration between teams.
  • Notion: A recommendable all-in-one workspace for creating tasks, notes, wikis, and databases.
  • Google Calendar: Google Calendar allows you to set reminders and notes on specific dates, creating a social media content calendar. However, this option is ideal for small businesses that are one-person operated.
  • Google sheets: Like Microsoft Excel, Google sheets are ideal for outlining plans and sharing them with small teams. It’s a common option for small businesses and is considered the most effective and consistent.

These four options listed are ideal for creating a tattoo artist social media content calendar and sharing it with a small team. However, you may need to opt for the most robust software if you work with more individuals.


Using a social media calendar is an effective way to coordinate your tattoo businesses and maximize the benefits gained from using the internet. Remember to use the tools listed above and regularly engage with fans who express their support or genuine questions.

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