What Does a Copywriter do for Ohma Digital in Dublin?

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Ohma Digital in Dublin is a marketing agency for entrepreneurs that desire nothing but success for their business. The company leverages the skills of multiple marketing tools and experts to drive sales and keep your brand’s stakeholders happy.

One invaluable expert is copywriters, who possess the necessary skills to help Ohma take a business from point A to B. This article will shed more light on what a Copywriter does for Ohma Digital in Dublin to understand the importance of a Copywriter Dublin better.

What is Ohma Digital?

Ohma Digital is a marketing agency that supports entrepreneurs in all stages of their digital marketing journey. Essentially, they discusses and develops marketing strategies with clients to ensure each action pushes the brand further to its goals, whether it is more sales, traffic, or increased awareness.

What is Ohma Digital

Ohma Digital achieves this goal by leveraging different marketing tactics and communication methods, from web design to social media. Each marketing tactic is executed professionally with a team of experts that ensure each message resonates with the audience.

Ultimately, Ohma Digital prioritizes the brand’s digital presence and carefully employs expert and result-driven marketing techniques that produce significant results.

Who is an Ohma Digital Copywriter?

Ohma Digital consists of multiple marketing experts, and one important position amongst these professionals is the Copywriter. Generally, a Copywriter is a professional writer that uses persuasive content to compel people to take specific actions.

Who is an Ohma Digital Copywriter

Copywriter Dublin must produce engaging and compelling content to cause the reader to click on the client’s website, buy a product, or submit their email or anything of the sort.

Roles of an Ohma Digital Copywriter

It’s worth noting that copywriters come in different forms. For example, the Ohma Digital Copywriter Dublin is categorized as an agency writer, a professional who created content for an agency with multiple clients.

Roles of an Ohma Digital Copywriter

The roles of an agency writer include:

1.    Research

Irrespective of the content type the agency Copywriter Dublin needs to create, they need to understand the topic thoroughly. This involves meticulous research into statistics, expert opinions, understanding a product’s use before writing, and many more.

Proper research is inevitable as it allows Ohma Digital Copywriters to create marketing content that resonates with your clients and builds your brand.

2.    Sourcing images

While some clients may provide the images needed to complete a marketing copy, copywriters are expected to source images for their content. This is possible through free and paid stock photo websites; however, this task can be challenging if the client needs a specific image, and looking for the right shot can take time.

3.    Content editing

Perfect first drafts are rare as copywriters need to revisit the copy and make changes until they meet the client’s specifications. Fortunately, Ohma Digital Copywriters are skilled at creating, proofreading, and editing each piece of content produced, allowing the marketing to achieve its mission of building brands.

4.    Project management

Depending on their position, an agency Copywriter at Ohma Digital in Dublin may have to manage multiple projects, establish timelines, allocate tasks to other writers and creatives (graphics and web designers), and ensure they meet deadlines.

The Copywriter handles such projects as it allows seamless conversation between creatives regarding work needed, resulting in copies and other content being produced on time and accordingly.

5.    Converse with clients

To better understand the client’s needs and the structure of the copy, Ohma Digital Copywriters Dublin has to converse with clients that come through the agency. This interaction could be in person or via software like zoom or email; nevertheless, it’s an essential part of Copywriting.

The conversation between the Copywriter and client involved understanding the establishment’s goals for the Copywriting project, the brand voice, their target market, and how the project will move forward.

Ultimately, the primary duty of a Copywriter at Ohma Digital is to create persuasive and compelling content to influence readers to make a decision. However, other duties are assigned depending on factors like job type and position.

Ohma Digital Copywriters skills

Ohma Digital Copywriters skills

Ohma Digital consists of marketing experts to ensure clients’ needs are met, and copywriters are no exception to this requirement. The skills these professionals possess are a mix of soft and hard skills, and these include:

1.    Excellent writing skills

The Copywriting profession necessitates the professional to possess impeccable writing skills. In addition, as someone tasked with communicating information most clearly and concisely possible, Ohma Digital requires that they be proficient in English and understand different writing styles.

With these skills, copywriters in Dublin can inform and persuade an audience seamlessly.

2.    Research skills

As previously mentioned, copywriters must do additional research on a particular topic before creating a copy. This action is necessary as it puts the professional in a position to communicate with the readers intimately and build a connection.

Performing tasks like market and topic research and showing it in your copy sets allow you to communicate as an authority and get the reader’s attention.

3.    Creative thinking

Copywriting and creative writing are two different fields, as the latter deals mostly with storytelling and fiction. However, creativity is crucial for creating compelling content, as writers need some level of imagination to communicate in ways that are engaging and leave an impression on readers.

*Note: Creative thinking extends to problem-solving as writers can creatively rectify issues.

Ohma Digital prioritizes its clients’ satisfaction and produces high-quality marketing pieces by hiring qualified and talented marketing experts and copywriters.

Content Ohma copywriters produce

Copywriters can produce several content types at Ohma Digital, like case studies, emails, social media posts, and more. This professional is more special than traditional copywriters because they fully understand the digital space and know what works in the environment.

Content Ohma copywriters produce

Essentially, digital copywriters at Ohma Digital understand the customer journey for your specific industry and know how to wall your audience through the buying process online. Here’s the content a digital agency Copywriter produced at Ohma:

1.    Blog Articles

Blogging is one of the world’s most effective marketing strategies, with 77% of fortune 500 companies using this advertising tactic, according to statistica. The popularity of blogs is due to their efficacy in turning curious visitors into subscribers; they start a conversation and turn that website traffic into leads.

We recommend having a professional Ohma Copywriter Dublin create blog articles for your website. An unprofessional copy will get your message lost and causes readers to lose interest in your brand.

Our copywriters at Ohma Digital are experts with skills, qualifications, and sufficient experience to convey your brand message with zero errors or fluff.

2. Website Landing Pages

A brand’s landing page is like a brick-and-mortar company’s storefront; it is the first attempt at convincing visitors that your offering is worthwhile. Essentially, a compelling and engaging landing page convinces the visitor to explore your site and digest what you offer.

Fortunately, copywriters at Ohma Digital are experts at creating SEO-friendly landing pages. The copy we create is bloat-free and stands a chance in conversations as each word is designed to rank high on search engines and resonate with the reader.

With Ohma Digital marketing agency, you’re guaranteed a clear, concise landing page that speaks directly to potential clients and communicates what service or product your brand offers.

3. Google Ads & Facebook Ad Copy

Google and Facebook ads are common elements when creating marketing campaigns for brands, and their popularity is evident in how many advertise on these platforms; Google: 4 million advertisers. Facebook: 2 million.

Our copywriters are skilled and experienced enough to create copies for Facebook and Google with a strong possibility of converting. They work to use the most attractive words and phrases and also include fonts, images, and other factors to catch your target audience’s eyes.

4. Newsletters (Emails)

Newsletters are tracks customizable and trackable emails that deliver high-quality content to your audience’s inbox. It’s a way for companies to inform their clients about upcoming events and specific products, track engagement, and more.

Our copywriters understand that a newsletter has a more friendly and personable language compared to blog posts since the goal is to speak directly to the user. Ultimately, we aim to build trust and encourage interaction between your brand and its audience.


The Copywriter role in Ohma Digital Dublin primarily involves creating compelling and persuasive content for agency clients. The content type varies, including blogs, social media ads, Google ads, and website landing pages. Furthermore, each writer is an expert in their field, possessing skills that allow Ohma Digital to deliver high-quality marketing pieces consistently.

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