About Us

Our Mission – Bespoke Solutions for Growth Marketing

Since 2018, Ohma Digital is the Marketing Agency in Dublin for businesses who want bespoke solutions for growth.

At our core, our experts help entrepreneurs to succeed using marketing and Business expertise.

Our Mission – Bespoke Solutions for Growth Marketing

We aim to establish the Industry norm of quality, training, customer service, and results as we should all expect in Marketing.

We team up with promising ventures to help them control their business, connect with the right talents and stabilize then scale up their company.

Our dream is to create a digital agency that supports its clients through all the stages of their digital journey. From the very first step to complete autonomy, we aspire to propose various levels of services and expertise adapted to each of our client’s goals.

Our mission is to support you to construct a powerful communication strategy and brand image to achieve your business growth potential. You gain knowledge and progressively internalize when you feel it is time to do so.

What growth marketing means to us translates into supporting ambitious projects to optimize digital presence with a high focus and a result-driven attitude, while preserving our creative and aesthetical vision.

Our Vision – Growth Marketing applied to Business

We strongly believe that a growth marketing agency should work side by side with its clients. With the ability to have a strategic vision, plus a good understanding of the business industry and goals to support and bring knowledge to build authority and sustainable businesses.

Our Vision - Growth Marketing applied to Business

We postulate that if a digital agency does is a job well, they should be willing to take over-promising projects instead of established or already successful ones.

As a matter of fact, the better a digital agency is working, along with other factors related to the client’s business values and experience, the more the client company will grow and therefore the more money he or she will allocate to it.

Our vision is to develop honest and transparent relationships with clear methods.  We share our data, results, and dashboards to best meet our customer’s needs. This is what Growth Marketing is to us and we deliver it for you.

Our Values – When passion meets purpose

Creativity Ohma Digital Dublin


Creativity is a major cornerstone of our line of business. As a creative agency, we value independent initiatives. We believe that thinking out of the box is the best base for innovation and improvement.

Professionalism Ohma Digital Dublin


We select our team members among people with high potential who have both excellent people skills and undeniable talent. We aim to combine a culture of professionalism with an ethic of discipline internally and toward our customers.

Professionalism Ohma Digital


We set ambitious goals and we achieve them. We believe that our most important accomplishment requires interdependency skills. We attain high performance by creating a trusting environment, encouraging people to continuously grow and reinvent themselves.

Excellence Ohma Digital


We strive for quality from every level of the organization, from customer interaction to the very little detail in our work. Practice makes perfect, and we thrive to constantly improve our methods and services. We value our customer’s feedback as much as our team member’s suggestions to improve.

Services – A strategic multi-sector expertise

We developed multi-sector expertise instead of focussing on a single side of growth marketing or a single industry. Indeed, when we discuss marketing strategy with our client, it involves all stakeholders of a company to reach the targets we set up together.

Marketing is not a separate foreign department anymore. All your employees and clients are involved in promoting the image of your business.  Today, companies cannot limit themselves to a single aspect of communication or a single media. We follow your audience and gather knowledge and know-how where they want your brand to be.

From web design to social media, we harness the best of the Gen Z favourite platforms to power our customers with the best tactics, consultants, and technologies.