Tattoo Artist Social Media Content Calendar

Helene Lena Edelgarde/ August 30, 2022/ SOCIAL MEDIA

As a professional tattoo artist with an online presence, you regularly post photos and videos on Instagram, Facebook, your website, and possibly YouTube. However, if you post this valuable content sporadically, with no plan guiding your action, you miss out on a crucial opportunity to improve your business. A tattoo artist social media content calendar is a better alternative to
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Helene Lena Edelgarde/ July 29, 2022/ SOCIAL MEDIA

How to perform Instagram Growth? This is how to grow your Instagram followers and get engagements with a real case study Instagram has proved to be a one-stop platform for building a successful brand online. With a strong Instagram presence, it becomes easy to successfully sell products or market your services online to thousands and even millions of customers. Instagram
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Social Media Guide for Photographers

Helene Lena Edelgarde/ March 25, 2022/ SOCIAL MEDIA

This is the best time to be a creative individual. What with the internet’s reach and all the tools that you have at your disposal. As a photographer looking to stay ahead of the pack, you’d need to have as many tools in your toolkit as possible. Whatever you have in your toolkit, you’d need social networks. Point blank period.
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3 things all Niche Influencers need to know to increase their chances of success.

Helene Lena Edelgarde/ March 4, 2022/ SOCIAL MEDIA

Influencer marketing is taking over the world. To stand out, niche influencers have a sharper offer. Discover how to become a niche influencer thanks to the Ikigai test. Légende : Influencers achieved a popular: living of their passion. While it seems easy, being successful doesn’t happen overnight and requires work, strategy and guts. An influencer or niche influencer is an
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The ultimate Facebook Ads Manager Tutorial

Helene Lena Edelgarde/ February 18, 2022/ SOCIAL MEDIA

Facebook Ads Manager Tutorial : Pixel, Audiences, Power editor and Budgets Experts tips that will change how you do your commercials for ever. Sponsored posts have little to zero results. Ads Manager is the thing. Yes, there is a minimum to spend; otherwise, you have no chance to get results. If your product or service margins aren’t significant enough, it
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The Best Free Social Media Calendar Template for Marketers


Looking for a great Social Media Calendar? Easy, download the free template are using at Ohma : Calendar Template by Ohma Digital. After four years in the field, we built a social media calendar template to help our clients, staff, and colleagues be as efficient as possible when preparing, planning and, publishing content on networking platforms.  If you are looking for
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Social Media Guide for Tattoo Artist

Helene Lena Edelgarde/ April 2, 2021/ SOCIAL MEDIA

How can I use Social Media to promote myself as a Tattoo Artist? Social media are required tools for artists. We created a Social media Guide made for Tattoo Artists who are being serious about their career. Why are Social Media important for a Tattoo Artist? The important and widespread social media platforms are free to use and reach a
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3 Powerful Tactics to Get More Followers on Instagram

Helene Lena Edelgarde/ January 17, 2021/ SOCIAL MEDIA

How to Get More Followers on Instagram: What Can I expect from this Article? Social Media Platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Pinterest has become extremely important for individual brands, entrepreneurs, artists, and creative people, or businesses.  When we engage with our prospects and customers, one of the most widespread concerns regarding social networks is understanding how they can
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