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Once you get knowledgeable in SEO and SEA, you can find the SEO agency in Dublin that best suits your needs.

What I need to know about SEO Agency in Dublin?

We help our clients understand what is behind the big word of SEO and share our skills to use the system with transparent and white methods. 

With this article, you will fully understand the basic concepts, why google is so essential, and how to choose an SEO agency in Dublin.

Why is Google so Important_ Ohma Digtal Marketing SEO Agency Dublin

Why is Google so Important? 

Nowadays, Google is the search engine that regroups most online connexions. The verb “to Google” is even into the dictionary as: “Search for information about (someone or something) on the Internet using Google.” Google supremacy is beyond question.

When doing SEO in Dublin, our experts focus on the Google algorithm because when a website or blog reaches excellent organic results, the website visibility increases significantly on others like Safari, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo.

What is Search Engine Optimization? 

SEO is optimizing websites to make them reach a high position in the search engine results. 

Organic Search is a long-term process. Our mission is to convince Google and the other browsers that your company has authority in your areas of expertise. We might focus on the long-term and short-term chosen keywords. It usually takes between 6 to 8 months to acknowledge results from an SEO strategy. 

White Hat and Black Hat SEO

When it comes to SEO, there are different approaches that you would consider staying away from. These methods are called “black-hat” and try to exploit Google’s algorithms by bypassing the search engine rules and ranking their website higher. Keyword stuffing, acquiring link building by buying them, and page swapping are tactics chased by Google. When you use them, or your digital agency uses them, you may risk being blocked and creating the opposite effect you were looking for.

In Ohma Digital, in Dublin, we believe that the best way to reach a high rank in the search results is to adopt white-hat SEO methods. With deep expertise in the digital industry, we support many websites to achieve their long-term goals. White-hat SEO approaches take longer but are rewarding in the long run. 

In other terms, SEO is the right balance between excellent website design and architecture users oriented, appropriate keywords, qualitative digital content, and regularity over time. Besides other SEO and User Experience technics, we help our customers obtain excellent results over time by understanding Google’s strategy.   

What is Search Engine Acquisition_ Ohma Digital SEO Agency Dublin

What is Search Engine Acquisition?

It is essential to understand the use of data on the web: collecting and monetizing behaviours generate most of the revenue of the most significant websites, social platforms, and web browsers. You have done the first step into the Search Engine Acquisition and Digital Advertising Industry given this information.

SEA and Paid Visibility, in general, is a short-term method that can generate online ranking quickly. An advertising campaign can establish fast visibility for your brand or products and usually have a high return on investment. However, these tactics don’t affect the ranking of your website. 

Companies often choose to aggregate an SEO and SEA strategy to increase brand awareness or push a new service or product while working on a long-term goal with concrete actions taken that will seriously impact the website’s ranking over time. 

What is Search Engine Marketing 

SEM is a digital marketing approach that combines SEO and SEA.

When you combine SEO and SEA in one unique strategy, you can visualize them as tools with different functions and will contribute in their complementary way to serve your business goals. SEA is often chosen by companies to increase first the brand awareness or to push a new service or product while working on a long-term SEO approach with decisive actions taken will have a significant impact on the website ranking over time. 

Additionally, we know that SMO or Social Media Optimization significantly impacts how you rank on web browsers. The same logic applies there; in Ohma Digital, we seek quality and regularity in how we address our customers’ social networks. 

About Paid Search and CPC

SEA or Paid Search is a bidding process to buy advertising spaces on the most used and visible web browsers or social networks online. The bidding process attributes a value named CPC or Cost Per Click per position. This value increases or decreases regarding how well-used this research or keyword is. In other words, the cost varies according to how visible your advertising will be. 

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are becoming the main actors of this market, replacing displaying advertising platforms that allow you to advertise on their networks. You pay every time a user clicks on the sponsored link with the CPC. 

When it comes to Paid Advertising, CPC is the most popular acronym. However, you might use PPC or Pay Per Call, the bidding process that charges the number of clicks that result in a direct call to your business, often from a smartphone. Most Digital Advertisings are under the CPC or PPC tactics. Still, you could also use CPM or Cost Per Thousand Impressions to build awareness for your brand and get visible by a more significant number of online users.