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Digital Marketing Jobs Dublin

What careers opportunities at Ohma Digital in Dublin?

How is the city, and what to expect when you get your dream marketing job in Dublin?

Ohma Digital Team in Dublin has created this content to help you decide what you will do next and find your marketing job in Dublin.

What’s it like to live in Dublin?

What’s like to live in Dublin _

Dublin is a great city, festive, multicultural, and fabulous for music lovers. Some love it for the diversity and kindness of its people.

As the capital of Ireland, Dublin is well-connected to the world. The city has a busy international airport and is, therefore, an ideal base to discover Europe on weekends gateways.

Dublin is famous for its incredible number of pubs, artistic and tattoo scenes. Above all, it is, obviously, one of the top tech-friendly destinations for many workers and entrepreneurs.

Dublin is meeting the three criteria identified by Richard Florida. What are these criteria? They are the three T needed for growth. First, technology and high-tech innovation concentration. Secondly talents, as creative capital (not high education but creation). And, thirdly and most importantly, tolerance.

“Creativity is multidimensional and comes in various and multiple forms. Creativity needs a social and economic environment that nurtures its many forms. 

How do these changes impact our economy in the way we live and work? 

  • At work: satisfaction of value and giving social power and recognition will be more important than financial recognition. A challenging job, a flexible workspace, and job stability come before earning a lot of money in the list of top qualities for a job.
  • Quality of life, meaningful job is preferred by the creative class today. Having the opportunity to be a part of building something is one of the greatest experiences, feeling at home and being yourself.”

 “The Rise of the Creative Class” by Richard Florida

Moreover, Dublin city is ideally located on the east coast of Ireland with better atmospheric conditions. It’s ideal for enjoying what Ireland has the best to offer: hiking, sailing, and many other outdoor activities.

All these reasons have convinced us to settle in Dublin. We’re enjoying it, and we hope you will like this city as much as we do!

Understand Dublin’s jobs and career possibilities

Dublin is the European Silicon Valley and conveys numerous opportunities and support for technology-related start-ups.

Dublin is primarily a local economy, on a human scale, with businesses that follow solid territorial logic. Coming to work in Dublin means having the desire to adapt and understand its heritage and its most promising sectors. Looking for a job in marketing in Dublin is, above all, taking great pleasure in supporting various projects, personal and human adventures.

The GAFAMs are ubiquitous in Ireland. But, local and family businesses generate an essential part of the GDP Gross Domestic Product. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Indeed, Apple, Airbnb, and so on are developing a massive amount of entry-level jobs in Dublin. Few are marketing and communication-related. Most jobs are for young professionals and belong to the customer support department. Dublin is the European Silicon Valley and conveys numerous opportunities and support for technology-related start-ups.

Understand Dublin's jobs and career possibilities

The local economy is mainly the production of goods and services for residents and tourists. Tourism, hospitality, and food-related services drive the rest of the economy and job creation. Ireland is the favourite destination for American tourists in Europe. 85% of tourists to Ireland are of American origin.

Dublin welcomes many qualified professionals from Europe and around the world. These populations tend to stay for relatively short periods to return to their country of origin or move elsewhere.

The need for new digital skills

The need for new digital skills

In Ireland, Dublin is the economic capital, and the country wishes to develop poles of activity in other regions.

Digital marketing is, therefore, a significant opportunity for national and regional development.

Micro and SMEs in B2C are most affected by the needs related to online services and digital marketing. These companies anticipate the skills needed to develop and improve customer relations, promote their products and/or services, and increase their online visibility.

Micro and SMEs in B2C are most affected by the needs related to online services and digital marketing. Un établissement sur cinq ne sait pas de quels nouveaux métiers il va avoir besoin demain

It is urgent for the retail, wholesale, real estate, accommodation, catering, and personal services sectors to adapt to digital purchasing practices by developing new sales strategies and marketing.

The health and non-profit sectors are not looking much for digital marketing skills. Conversely, public administration and education transform, and demand profiles can support them on the Internet and social networks.

In Dublin, most establishments have fewer than ten employees. Therefore, these companies particularly need support for the sustainability and development of their activity. Digital marketing is transforming the tasks performed, the training of employees, and organizing production.

All professions where the human, relational, and intellectual/artistic factor is essential to producing a service or a product are less worried about the disappearance or transformation of their professions.

What does a marketing agency do in Dublin

What does a marketing agency do in Dublin

Marketing agencies in Dublin and elsewhere in the world fall into different categories.

  • Strategic marketing is the design, branding, and development of marketing strategies for a client. Many players in the market exclusively create logos or brand names.
  • Print marketing is responsible for communicating a business on physical media. It can range from poster campaigns, business cards, labels, communication supports for external and internal events.
  • A digital communication agency brings together all the paid and non-paid marketing activities that it is possible to create and distribute on the web. Often, these companies are best positioned to support the development of a digital strategy for the customer. We note the website design, organic and paid SEO, and social networks.
  • Press relations is a specialized communication branch responsible for writing and distributing client appearances in the print media and the Internet.
  • Finally, a 360 marketing agency supports its clients at all stages of its communication. In short, it is a strategic service, paper, press, and digital.

What does Ohma Digital do in Dublin

In Dublin, a digital marketing agency like Ohma supports traders, individual entrepreneurs, and SMEs to make the most of the digital tools available to sell their products and services. Demand is strong around social networks and staff training. It often gives entrepreneurs the tools to be autonomous and therefore has a 360° approach when relevant and requested.

Being present locally is an additional guarantee. Indeed, it’s reassuring to have an agency on a human scale that is part of the same geographical territory as its clientele. It means understanding local issues, knowing how to address them, and supporting the growth and implementation of regional branches.

Being present locally is a guarantee.

A marketing agency is responsible for the visibility of a private company or a public institution.

Marketing is used to support the growth objectives of a project. Without visibility, the success of an initiative is limited.

A marketing agency in Dublin will support its clients in acquiring the visibility the project needs to meet the strategic expectations set in advance.

A marketing agency in Dublin will take care of creating and regularly updating a client company’s website. But they are also making sure that web pages are referenced for keywords important to the business. In addition, many customers appreciate having a local presence because they appreciate communicating quickly.

What opportunities are in a marketing agency in Dublin?

What are the marketing jobs in Dublin?

What opportunities in a marketing agency in Dublin_

In Dublin, it is possible to occupy the positions of Business Development Manager, Digital Content Specialist, Project Manager, or SEO Expert in marketing.

Business Development Manager

At Ohma Digital in Dublin, the Business Development Manager is responsible for creating and growing a client base by identifying and addressing new leads and opportunities within an assigned territory to increase growth and business development.

For this marketing job in Dublin, the agency is looking for naturally motivated people who like to take on challenges and get results. You have to love meeting new people and bonding. In this role, creating sales opportunities is the key to success.

Dublin’s Business Development Manager job generates new prospects weekly, creates and feeds a prospecting file, attends business and network events, trade fairs, and organizes and facilitates workshops. He works closely with the team of project managers to provide qualitative business proposals and close sales.

Business Development Manager
Internship Business Development Manager

Digital Content Specialist

A digital content specialist at Ohma within the Dublin agency is responsible for creating and delivering content for the agency’s clients.

Therefore, a digital content specialist job creates content for the website and social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

A digital content specialist has excellent written and verbal communication skills in the French language. Strong organizational skills, discipline, and a keen eye for detail are undeniable assets for a successful career creating and delivering content for third parties.

Digital Content Specialist Internship

Project Manager

As a project manager, you are responsible for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, control, and closure of a project or portfolio of projects. The Project Manager addresses a dedicated portfolio of projects within one or more colleagues.

You will work directly with clients to ensure deliverables are within the applicable scope and budget. You will coordinate with other departments to ensure that all aspects of each project are compatible to meet client needs.

For this marketing job in Dublin, the agency is looking for profiles with proven experience in project management and excellent written and verbal communication skills. Having the ability to work on multiple projects qualitatively with solid attention to detail is an asset.

Expert SEO

An SEO Expert at Ohma Digital in Dublin is responsible for implementing the SEO strategy for the clients for which he is responsible. He works in close collaboration with the client and the project manager.

The SEO Expert establishes, plans, executes and monitors the three aspects of organic SEO for each client in their portfolio: technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO.

The agency is looking for quality and client-oriented profiles with strong organizational skills for this marketing job in Dublin.

Ohma’s marketing experts in Dublin had the pleasure of preparing and imaging this content which we hope meets your expectations. We are locally established to support the projects and people who thrill us. Do you want to join the adventure? Don’t hesitate; we are at your disposal to improve your communication.

Are you looking for a marketing job in Dublin_

Are you looking for a marketing job in Dublin?

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