Ohma Digital help you to shape a Communication Strategy and Brand Identity that fits
your acquisition channel and customer base or target audience. To build a
stunning digital image, plan a digital strategy, and leaves nothing to chance.

In business, the most powerful asset it’s people trust. No matter how valuable
physical resources you have, if people don’t trust you, the business is going
down. Even if you are a small company and aren’t making big profits yet if you
have people believe you will do fine and you are moving forward.

With an excellent analysis of your talents and genuinely insightful view of the market,
we can start to build an efficient Communication Strategy and Brand Identity
for your organization.



The success of a project or a company is to gather excellence in three essential components hard-fought to reach: 

•    The expertise or the innovative idea and the talent within the company. These hard skills are the bases that make a product or project stand out by themselves.

•    The individual and personal skills also called soft skills might be challenging to find or develop while being a central point of the development of a company or initiative.

•    The ability to share the right message, at the right time to the appropriate audience. Above all, it is the aptitude to understand and foresight the whys and the differentiation of the project. The faculty to shape a dedicated communication plan that will coincide with the strategy and goals of the company.

The ability to share the right message, at the right time to the appropriate audience
is skills regrouped under the communication expertise. Ohma Digital work by
your side when you wish to answer the question: « Why are we doing what we
do?”. We support you to build a great digital message that will serve your
ambitions. Digital Communication is more than a toolbox; it is one of the three
keys to success for each project.



A communication strategy plan may apply to internal communication, marketing
communication, and public relations. The right Communication Strategy arises
from the global business strategy, and his purpose is to serve your business
goals. A well-shaped communication Strategy has the following components:

•    Clear and measurable communication goals

•    In-depth knowledge of target audience and market

•    Identification of diffusion channels

•    Detailed communication plan

An excellent communication strategy works from the inside out and not from outside
in. You address the different public with a message and a channel that correspond
to them. You spread the company vision and values.

The communication strategy is a tool that serves the business needs and prepares
the future of your company.



When it comes to Digital, the variety of channels and target audience increase the
complexity of the communication strategy. However, the essence of our profession
remains unaltered. In Ohma Digital, we team up with you to build a digital
communication plan to achieve your objectives.

•    Identification of communication channels

•    Identification of target audiences including target markets

•    Establish a digital communication plan

Each digital communication strategy is build up accordingly to your budget and
expected results. We outline for you how the digital communication strategy
will achieve them, including a schedule and mutual responsibilities.



A 360 communication strategy postulates that everything in a company is
connected. For the business to grow, you may wish to ensure that all the people
in contact with the products or services are aware of what you are doing and
why. It is taking a step further into communication for your organization. Your
communication strategy comes from the inside out and serves your goals. A 360
communication strategy will spread the company values, identity, and mission to
all individuals who engage with the services or products. The communication is directed
to employees, partners, providers, potential customers, and media using the
company chosen channels.



Your brand identity or brand image is the way your organization represents itself to
everyone who interacts. All organization have used or are using branding, from
non-profit organizations, countries, and private companies. Brand identity is a
consistent message you diffuse with all your company products or services. In
Digital Branding, the most common mistake is the lack of consistency. When it
comes to digital branding, every little detail has its importance. We ensure
that the maximum users remember your brand and associate it with the right



Let’s put first things first. Strong branding is necessary to gain visibility online.
The reputation of the products and services are essential when it comes to
branding results. Indeed, as seen with many examples in digital branding,
advertising on the build-up functionalities or effects of a product doesn’t
build a positive brand reputation. Corporate propaganda doesn’t work as it used
to be. When it comes to increasing the notoriety of your brand online, we think
of the value you will bring to an audience as a service instead of marketing
your brand image repetitively.