Social Network is crucial in a Digital Strategy. Search engines cannot ignore Social Media as their popularity and influence keep increasing every year. The more people will talk about you, online or offline, the more this will impact your visibility. If the individual post does not have an impact on your overall ranking; pages, reviews, and profiles definitely will.

There are different types of platforms, to determine which one you should use, be mindful about your audience. You might want to focus on professional oriented networks or casual ones. You might as well be present on both but with different purposes such as animating a community on Facebook and developing a candidate’s pool on LinkedIn. In this case, you will not publish the same content, and your strategy will differ according to your company objectives.



SMO or Social Media Optimization regroup all the tactics used to gain visibility online through the chosen Networks.

A qualitative Social Media presence helps to build trust online, not only for potential customers and collaborators but also contribute to gain authority online through search engines like Google. Besides, customers review and interactions have a significant impact on your brand visibility. For the web browser, it means that your company is active and share valuable information for online users.

Remember that the goal of most search engines and social media platforms is to keep their user’s attention as long as possible. Therefore, the more the content posted generate views, engagements, and comments, the more likely these platforms will qualify this content and the brand as relevant for their users.

Ohma Digital shares his expertise in Digital Marketing to help you determine which platforms are relevant for your company and how to optimize them to rank higher in the search engines. Furthermore, we assist you in finding out what digital content to create and when to schedule it with Social Media Management.



When it comes to addressing Social Media daily, you will identify two complementary positions. Although in a small to medium company, these positions are often held by the same person, for significant projects or for business where Social Network requires it. However, they broach distinct purposes.

The Community Manager animate the Social Network of a Company. Close to a customer relationship position, his mission is to federate a community of users and followers toward the different platforms of the firm. Expert in Digital, he knows how to engage the conversation with the public and avoiding claims or customers experience that leads to negative reviews. The Community Manager represents the brand image of the business he is working for. Excellent writing skills and a deep understanding of the customer industry are mandatory to fulfill this position.

The Social Media Manager is an expert in Digital Marketing additionally to a full knowledge of Social Platforms. His mission is to define with the client the strategy to adopt, the editorial tone and content style to create, and when to schedule it to grow the community on each of the firm Social networks. Ohma Digital had developed substantial expertise in digital content creation, social media management, and community management. Our goal is to bring you knowledge and quality while sharing our experience to reach the results we set up and deploy your digital strategy.